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Warframe Twitch Drops 2.0: Now Live!


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Just now, Bridge_4 said:

Interesting. Are there advantages to this change? Not trying to be critical, just curious.

It's a MUCH more user friendly experience. You see exact % progress towards the drops - alleviating the 'did I get it yet?' question.

There will be some growing pains no doubt, but it has great changes for transparency that our old system lacked. 

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1 minute ago, Mr_Null_Random said:

This is going to be a pain.


1 minute ago, (PSN)Waklor said:

Does this sound WORSE than the previous setup to anyone else?

Manually claiming is more work but theoretically this should cut down on broken drops for some people.

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I guess my main question is how long does the unclaimed drop stay in the Twitch inventory? 

Do you have a few hours, a few days/weeks? 


Because a lot of people can't watch the streams in person (timezones/work/etc) but for the sake of the drops can manage to technically "be there" and for the most part the existing system accommodates that. 


Edit: and apparently asked/answered already. 

As long as they don't expire, cool beans. 

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10 minutes ago, LORD_BRUHMOMENT said:

What was wrong with receiving the drop automatically?

I'm with everyone on this type of comment, seems like a measure to artificially increase traffic on Warframe's website, I have to wonder what kind of kickbacks DE upper management is getting for this change.  Plus this is not user friendly sorry to say, I'm not sure who your fooling but having to go through multiple steps then having to constantly check to see if it's filling up some kind of bar.  Yeah.. no this is the opposite of user friendly DE.

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1 minute ago, [DE]Megan said:

It's a MUCH more user friendly experience.

So, instead of the drop being claimed automatically, we need to do it manually. This is an improvement..... how?

No, really. This is LESS user friendly, once you think a little about it.

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What a stupid and user-unfriendly change. 

I am usually not interested in chat - even more so if its a big channel with messages flying by faster than anybody can read. 

Or I might watch a stream on my big tv without any chat at all. Ever tried to chat with a tv remote? I do not think so. 

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I can't stay for prime time because it starts at 2am so it's not really fair (same for a lot of other people that should sleep at that time).

Maybe have a re-run scheduled 12h after so that people can tune in and claim drops too? (excluding people who already got the drop in the live one)

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