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Some tests need more time on them.  I have been trying to do my MR 27 rank test since somewhere around Aug/Oct.  Run the practice room countless amount of times, tried to follow builds and guides online to do it and nothing.  I am getting crap spawns every time I try and I am always running out of time.

I'm not afraid to say this one is too hard, and here might be where I plateau.

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This test threw me at first too but it is actually incredibly easy.

Use Nidus or any other frame that can pull enemies (using subsumed larva). Pull enemies off the map and they will die even when invulnerable. Target the little floating blocks outside the main map to cause larva to spawn there then the enemies will fall into the void. Just spam Larva on the floating block and all of the enemies will get yeeted off to their doom.

1000% easier than any other strategy out there. Braindead simple, actually.

Edit: Just tested it with Nidus (max range min duration) and cleared the mission with 2-3 canisters remaining (without picking up a single canister)


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The new Proboscis Cernos can help a lot ^.^ 

This is totaly not a paid advertisement batteries not included other toys sold seperatedly we are not infested and not trying to get you at all ^.^ 

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Got it, finally... using Leq's method.  I could have sworn that you couldn't manipulate enemies unless they had been tagged because I tried to group them up to hit them with cannisters and it wasn't working.

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