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What do you do when someone messes up a spy mission in a public game? What do you do if you screw up?

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Usually just laugh and joke about it.

If you play with effects transparancy low or a highly lid room it can be almost impossible to spot lasers.

Also nothing wrong with asking people for help in any situation in the game, including if you don't know the layout of the vault you have to do.

I literally never got a negative reaction from anyone in-game ever asking for help. Aslong as you let people in on what the situation is, people enjoy helping is the impression I get.


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If someone messes up - well, happens to the best of us. If they apologize, I tell them not to worry, just try again.
Most of the time I can save their vault with air support, and if that's not enough, I'm usually quick enough to be there to fix it.


If, however, someone triggers an alarm, and then simply leaves the mission instead of trying to finish the vault, that's kind of inexcusable.


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When they screw up i think: "ah well, should have expected that"

When i screw up i say: "sorry, that was me" and think: "Ah well, they could have expected that."

Whenever i see someone blazing through those vaults like a pin-point precision madman, i ll just stay out of that vault, even if im a cheesing ivara, and tell them they're awesome at it.

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When someone screws up do you:

E) Other (Explain)  : I start with laughing and quoting that i used to be the worst at spy and ask them if they want a do over and this time i can do all vaults ^.^ 

And if you screw up do you: 

D) Apologize, explain yourself, and ask to try again but i never have the time they leave before ^.^ This one did not happened in a little while now.


I'm kinda the naruto of spy mission. Started by hating it but now i'm quite good at it  ^.^ 


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I agree on game etiquette 101

Just trying to learn the basics. So far I have done a binge play, like an overnight session for the big College Test so crammed in the info I needed to play along.

Thanks to some helpful Team Players.

 I can't leave Earth yet, missing some crucial beginners items. But I'll soon jump in with confidence.


Thanks WarFrame Family

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