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Orphix Venom: players on Leaderboard with unbelievable solo highscore


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There are lot of us chasing Orphix venom leaderboard and suddenly we see these people poping up on the top out of nowhere. Top 5 people are the ones who appeared one after the other and the scores are unbelievable for someone with such less experience and sentient kills. We believe they either went across unexpected bug or utilized the exploits.

When will DE remove the names, we are here chasing the leaderboard and I don't want these people to demotivate the players or promote people to use expoilts.




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On 2021-02-16 at 11:56 AM, (PSN)Muralivilla said:

There are lot of us chasing Orphix venom leaderboard and suddenly we see these people poping up on the top out of nohere. Top 5 people are the ones who appeared one after the other and the scores are believable for someone with such less experience and sentient kills. We believe they either went across unexpected bug or utilized the exploits.

When will DE remove the names, we are here chasing the leaderboard and I don't want these people to demotivate the players or promote people to use expoilts.




@[DE]Helen any help here is appreciated!

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2 hours ago, (PSN)DARKGOAT said:

There's a video out of those top players glitching out the mechs damage and killing an orphic while resonators are still out. This is probably is apart of the combination they used to exploit the event to get those high scores.




who are the ones you are mentioning?

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That video is taken entirely out of context. All it shows is that Meowlodramatic was experiencing anomalous bugs due to severe lag, which had nothing to do with any intentional exploits. Why would anyone purposely use an exploit that causes the Orphix to become invisible? That is absolutely counterintuitive to the goal of being able to kill the Orphix on time. Also, If you watch Meowlodramatic's other video from 2 weeks ago, you will see that he is experiencing very bad lag spike issues in that run too which do not involve any red crits, but rather cause his game to freeze up often, due to his terrible internet connection:



I have done runs with some of the players in those videos, including the one I did for my own personal high score, and rest assured, I never had any of the bugs that Meowlodramatic did, nor were any exploits being used whatsoever. After the event ends, videos of the top scoring runs will be posted as proof that the runs were 100% legitimate, in order to allay any doubts or concerns that may arise.

Additionally, as you can see from the PC Orphix Venom leaderboards, the #1 PC score was 52,373.

PC Orphix Venom leaderboards: https://content.warframe.com/dynamic/orphixVenom.php

So if console spawns are approximately 60% of PC spawns (as hypothesized on these forums), then 31,424 is 60% of 52,373. Therefore, the current legitimate high score by a 4-man team on the PlayStation leaderboard of 31,336 is entirely feasible and within the realm of possibility.  That 31,336 score was achieved through hard work and dedication, without any exploits.

PlayStation Orphix Venom leaderboards: https://content.ps4.warframe.com/dynamic/orphixVenom.php

There are definitely those on the leaderboard that are abusing the host migration exploit to gain higher scores, such as the solo 60,099 one as well as numerous others. Hopefully DE will exercise due diligence in going over game records and wiping all those illegitimate scores. Unfortunately, their scores are still allowed to remain on their profiles even after they are removed from the leaderboard so DE needs to address that issue also. And as seen from the Hostile Mergers leaderboard, the top scores by exploiters were never wiped at all, even though most of them received bans, so that does not portend well for appropriate action being taken in a timely manner.

PlayStation Hostile Mergers leaderboards: https://content.ps4.warframe.com/dynamic/hostileMergers.php



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On 2021-02-20 at 8:48 AM, (PSN)Muralivilla said:

Here comes another one(no.10) out of blues solo scoring 30k, while we are sweating our way to score High.



Originally the OP had an issue with exploitation, manipulation and cheating, till he joined forces with the top squad learned how it was done, and amassed a 29k+ score, and a spot on the LB.

Ironically they are in the same clan, originally wasn’t on the leaderboard top 20 at all but yet now for personal satisfaction, they are reluctant to call out anyone else who they suspects is cheating.

It’s no secret, it’s quite obvious, many, people have been watching the scoreboard, hopefully DE has the means to investigate squad list/host migration and any of the players who have branched out to spread the scores, so they look legitimate during this event.

Fingers crossed they have the resources to investigate legitimacy, and do the right thing and wipe any score 27k+ because let’s be honest, it’s not realistic.... 

Even with a coordinated squad, a great strategy, great communication, the right setup/build’s, 4 PlayStation 5’s, and MOST importantly the LUCK needed to get the lottery tile/spawn to actually amass such outrageous scores, is ridiculous.


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21 minutes ago, (PSN)eFF_d0t_BaBy_NyC said:


I understand score beyond 27k is out of your comprehension since you have no idea what it takes, so you claim that anything beyond 27k is not possible. You can quabble all you want and with my run being legitimate DE would not care. Where are you even at in the Leaderboard?

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Furthermore, Necramechs getting red crits is a known bug that was posted by Tactical Potato himself in this video:

Obviously, Tactical Potato was not causing this bug intentionally, nor was Meowlodramatic. They were both merely showing that it occurred to them.


Others have posted about the Necramech fire rate and/or red crit bug:


"Is Necramech ulti broken?
The ulti is only lvl1, my Necramech only has 100% Power Strength and there are still 2 empty mod slots on the exalted weapon(if we can call it that).

Already hitting red crits above 1 billion"



"Apparently this necramech bug is fairly well known now. Time to share my own experiences with it."

"I wonder what causes it, some times it uses that ability normally and others it has this insane fire rate with red crits hitting for like a billion damage."

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Hai, guys!  Meowlodramatic here to chime in on all of this foolishness.

I appreciate your comment Alpha but you are not entirely accurate I think.  I'm not an expert on this by any means but from my understanding, it is not due to my internet speed (good to very good) but the P2P connection between me (USA) and Mashor (Middle East) as host.  I only posted those videos as a joke between our core group to show how unbearable it can be at times.  The game behaving as it did in those videos is not advantageous.  Quite the contrary...  It's horrible and completely ruins our runs and only leads to more aborted missions.  We actually dislike Mashor as host intensely and prefer Goksy (centrally located to all members of our group) when he is available.  Don't forget we're talking about PS4/5 gameplay here, folks.  This isn't a hackable PC.  I can't force red crits, higher fire rate, or bugged out resonators that actually make my role in mission HARDER to perform.  Tactical Potatoe touches on this as well. 

I will delve into this further once the event ends, and I'll be more than happy to refute each and every salty/ignorant/uninformed comment trying to disprove our/their dedication and hard work.  We have discussed and revised our methods FOR WEEKS figuring out how best to optimize runs on PS4/5 stemming from what we already knew about the PC event.

I will post multiple full-length videos tomorrow once the event ends to show how our core group (Goksy, k-9, vik, mashor, and I) achieved NUMEROUS 29K+ runs.  The highest of which will be our best run (30,971) at the time before they surpassed 31K hours later.  The 30,971 and 31K runs were BOTH on Goksy's host, so this entire tongue in cheek/sarcastic "Mashor Host OP" haha lulz rofflecopter nonsense means absolutely nothing.

Some of the video recordings begin shortly after the first orphix is killed since "the resolution and quality of recorded video might cause the length of video clips to be shorter than the length you set here" according to PS4 broadcast settings.  There's nothing I could do to fix that even though it's set to record the previous 60 minutes of gameplay.

P.S.  Just checked the leaderboard and they just crushed their highest score achieved yesterday.  Mashor will be uploading his videos as well I'm sure, so mine are much more irrelevant now.  I'm more than happy to still post mine to help prove their scores are legitimate (as well as my own).

The Warframe community is no different than all the rest.  If you think you've reached the highest potential of an event and see scores outplaying you, it's automatically cheating, amirite?  GROW UP!  There will always be "better" players than you (and me).  Period.


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Hi! The videos of orphix venom have been released on the channel. It almost shows all the highest scores for everyone i ran with in the event. 
here are two of the 30k+ runs with different PoV of two PoV 

30,971 score with ViktorVaughn99, Meowlodramatic, Goksy, and mashor2004

Meowlodramatic PoV

mashor2004 PoV


31,225 with Goksy, ViktorVaughn99, K-9Unleashed, and mashor2004

Goksy host PoV 

mashor2004 PoV

I’ll add the top run 32,586 4 man PoV when ViktorVaughn99 and K-9Unleashed upload their videos to YouTube. 
all these videos are to validate the scores of people who ran with us. 

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I must say it does appear that you have earned your place at the top.  It seems that you figured out the spawn points of the Sentients and strategically were positioning yourselves to fire upon them when they did.  I haven't gone thru every second of the video footage so I can't 100% say you didn't do something underhanded, but I feel better about your place at the top as it seems you did earn it. Kudos! I can only imagine how many runs you had to do to get to such a place. Its more work than most of us have the time or patience to deal with so my hats off to you!

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I personally want to thank everyone who I ran with they made this event so much fun. The amount of hours we put into this event was ridiculous.  I also want to thank AZNVasion for the 1 hour video we used as a template for the run which we tweaked to make our runs better for us. His video was posted well before the event ended on consoles. To the people accusing us of cheating/exploiting I want to thank y'all as well for the motivation for us to get our 32k run. The last few days we were just going to chill and help others get higher scores. However because y'all misinterpreted Meowlodramatic's videos and saying we were exploiting this event was clearly wrong. His first video shows the connection issue he had with Mashor2004 when he was our host. Which is why we swapped to Goksy as our new host. The second Video which is the one most people are saying we cheated/exploited the event was just a bug. Which was shown on Tactical Potato's videos. In that video you can clearly see that the Orphix was invisible and Meowlodramatic who was the runner couldn't see the Orphix and was saved by Mashor because of the bug. On that run we only got like 28K score because of the issues. if you look at the score on the 30th Orphix kill in order to get a 30k score we had to be over 23k. On our 32k run we were above 25k just for reference. As all of you can watch our 32K runs you will clearly see the whole time we were in mission and not using whatever the exploit was. Which I don't even know how or care to know how it was done. I just Hope DE will see our videos and update the Leaderboards correctly soon enough to show we were the top 4 man squad on PS4.


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On 2021-02-16 at 4:56 PM, (PSN)Muralivilla said:

There are lot of us chasing Orphix venom leaderboard and suddenly we see these people poping up on the top out of nowhere. Top 5 people are the ones who appeared one after the other and the scores are unbelievable for someone with such less experience and sentient kills. We believe they either went across unexpected bug or utilized the exploits.

When will DE remove the names, we are here chasing the leaderboard and I don't want these people to demotivate the players or promote people to use expoilts.




While i cant account for the solo score (may have just left their ps4/5 on overnight while paused in solo), several of the names there have posted proof of their innocence on this very thread, so i think its unfair to still say to have their scores removed.

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While I believe you are sincere in your High Score of 31K, there remains a few individuals on the XBOX that have a score of 50K and apparently did it solo as no one else has that same score which means they had to have finished the run alone.  There is NO WAY anyone could solo the Orphix for a score over 50K without some type of trickery, on consoles at least.  From what I have been reading there was an exploit that involved teammates quitting at strategic times that would cause the Score to keep increasing even when all Orphixes had been destroyed.  It would only benefit the last player standing as everyone else would have to forfeit there scores to accomplish this goal.  I also saw some video footage of the Arquebex being enhanced by Octavia in some fashion, making the damage off the charts and prolific with red crits.  With that said, I believe you earned the High score, but there still exists a select few who are tarnishing your hard work with their shenanigan's! Hopefully you get the recognition you deserve!

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Hi! After some scores got wiped from the leaderboards, only top two i think. I still see some of the questionable scores still standing. Just to make looking for scores that could have been acquired through shady means easier here some tips: a squad with less than 4 members either 3,2, or solo and got higher than 26k or 27k. 4 players needed to cover all spawn points of the sentients and run to cover the next orphix to maximum the points and reach high scores. Another way is a team of 4,3,2 players with same scores but one of them has 1 point less than others, most likely indicates the usage of host migration exploit, and some players on the leaderboards found a way of to manipulate that and avoid it by letting the person who used the exploit leave before extraction so 3 players get the same score which shows why a team less than four players is questionable. Leaving those questionable scores is unfair treatment for those who worked hard to get higher on the leaderboards and encourage further exploiting especially that there were no punishment for the people who used them even though there were players that repeated the offence after getting their previous exploited scores wiped. 

i made a list of people that i ran with and have videos to validate their runs that should have been put higher on the leaderboards. 
here is the list 

1.    K-9Unleashed    32,586
2.    Goksy    32,586
3.    mashor2004    32,586
4.    ViktorVaughn99    32,586
5.    Meowlodramatic    30,971
9.    Alpha__Infinity    30,352
11.    Muralivilla    29,155
16.    Noro_Razor_34    28,882
17.    PivotalAura    28,821
18.    Ruly_96    28,684
24.    ox_Fierceness_ox    28,188
25.    nunoapp    28,188
26.    golfmech    28,003
31.    BoDBeasT    27,985
56.    SparkMax    26,366
96.    WoLf_aKd    25,006

The people with suspected scores should be looked at their end mission result and see if the time is less than an hour because that’s the max for 36 orphixs to be destroyed, if it is more than 1 hour than the exploit must have been used

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DE previously stated:


On 2021-01-06 at 11:33 AM, [DE]Megan said:

Any scores that were determined to be achieved with these exploits have been (and will continue to be) removed from the Leaderboards, and temporary or full suspensions have been issued where appropriate. 


Yet after Operation Orphix Venom ended, it appeared that only the #1 (60,099) and #2 (33,238 ) solo scores were removed.

DE, please review the leaderboard again more carefully and you will see that there are numerous other players that also illegitimately gained high scores. They exploited the host migration bug where after there is a host change, the 36th Orphix never spawns and the remaining player(s) just wait out the timer to gain passive points while there is no Orphix active. If you look closely at their scores and their game mission records (specifically mission durations that go well beyond the 1 hour max cap it takes for 36 Orphix) you will find evidence of this. It is absolutely impossible that solo players or even a 3-man team are able to achieve these high scores without having abused an exploit.

You can clearly see that there are unique solo scores by players that need to be scrutinized. There are also questionable 3-man scores, as well as team scores where one player's score is one point lower than their teammates. All those situations are highly improbable without abusing an exploit.

There is even an entire ghost clan that repeatedly abused the host migration exploit throughout the event to boost their overall clan score. They have members that had their scores wiped previously from the leaderboard. Their old wiped scores still remain when you view their profile stats and you can see that it's higher than their current score on the leaderboard.

Yet, all these players kept continuously abusing the exact same exploit because DE did not take any substantial actions to punish them beyond removing their scores from the leaderboard.

Additionally, SaturnusKronos who scored 25,137 also posted in the bug forums that his high score was due to a host migration but his score still remains on the leaderboard:


As evidenced by this, there are numerous other players with scores over 25k that are the result of the host migration bug but DE has neglected to remove their scores, just because they are not in the top 20. This is highly unfair as well as extremely disheartening for all those who worked hard to try to get higher scores.

PLEASE NOTE: Mashor2004 listed above the players that he and his core group played with to clarify that they are legitimate scores and he has provided videos of their high scoring runs on his YouTube channel, myself included. Videos of my entire 30,352 run with Goksy, mashor2004, and Meowlodramatic show indisputable proof that no exploits were used whatsoever and can be viewed here, here, and here.

@[DE]Danielle @[DE]Megan@[DE]Rebecca@[DE]Helen- the Warframe community would sincerely appreciate if you would please urge your leaderboard review team to exercise due diligence and weed out ALL, not just some, of the illegitimate scores. Please show that you care about the time and effort that we put into playing Warframe.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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