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I was thinking...dangerous prospect... and started playing WF after watching a marvel movie and was like OMG! An ANT MAN frame!
I know Titania gets small and does archwing but ant man that gets small and and does armor/sheild dmg or huge and does fist melee. I dunno... some one else run with it.

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They had issue with necharmech not fitting everywhere lol

that being said we had hydroid for a little while doing that ^.^ 

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nvm missread
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Ant Man without a more defined foundation(what should he do, how does he play, what is the general trend for his base stats?) wouldn't really fit too well in this game. 

Just off the top of my head what he did in the marvel movies, as I don't read marvel comics frequently, is he can change his size and mass. He can turn some other things into different sizes as well. 

Just think of Limbo 1.0. Really cool and fun concept turned out to be absolutely horrible for cooperation. Changing the size of objects or enemies would be similar. 


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