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Celebrate the Year of the Ox

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I had dreams of a lucky shrine in my Dojo, Golden, pristine, the heady scent of incense as I prayed to the RNGods. . . alas it shall not be so. My hopes have caught a sword in between its shoulder blades, visions of my lucky kavat shrine shinking, fading away as the tears of betrayal drift to nothingness. A single, lone Golden Kavat waves at nothing, to be admired by no one but myself, to be left in darkness. My joy cannot be shared and thus: it is joyless. I can only obtain one?

Just. My. Luck.

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Yeah, I'm a little disappointed those Alerts only lasted a day each, and the time they were running? Yeah, I had no power, no water, and was fighting to just stay warm when my area dropped into the negatives with the wind chill, and trust me, Texas homes ain't designed for staying warm as efficiently as the homes I had up north. Would be great to have those alerts ran again, since you know, its Year of the Ox, not 3 Days of the Ox.

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Haven't seen anybody share them ingame, so: This is how the kavat statues look like in your orbiter. Sadly, they do not move. I was planning on buying all of them but now I'm not sure. 
I was also upset to learn that those Rivens are not Melee and Rifle at all, but Kitgun and Zaw. Wouldn't recommend this unless you love lucky cats as much as me. 



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