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I don't understand perfect wildlife capture


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I track animal, call animal, wait for animal, animal gets to call point and stops, I tranq animal and another good capture. 

I'm invis with no companion, no enemies around me and no wanted level. I'm like 1/8 perfect captures today and rest are good. 

I honestly have no idea how I could do I this any better. 



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Maybe try tranq'ing it before it stops?  Don't know if that matters.  I tend to use Ivara's sleep arrows and as long as the arrow hits the target it seems to give perfect.

PS:  If this is for Nightwave, are you hunting different animals?  The Nightwave count will stay at 1 until you get a perfect capture on a different creature.  I think different rarities still count but it's simplest just to start tracking a different species.

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Usually good capture happens when it took me more shots than required to tranq, depending on the animal. Startling by being seen, noisy or sniffed out are other possible reasons. Takes practice and definitely a lot of patience, just don't do it when feeling lazy, bored or forced to. If only Vallis critters can be seen in the wild roaming (like Deimos and PoE), a lot of the cumbersome steps will be cut off.


Some steps I do to always get perfect capture w/ Ivara(perma invisible build) and after considering the whole area is already clear of patrolling enemies. 

Mark the mound, turn invis, always use pheromones, call, answer call back, check map where red triangle [marker] is coming from, roll and move away towards the exact opposite direction in relation to approaching animal, crouch, tranq gun out, scan outline of animal, hit only once directly on top of the mound.

Those steps usually do not startle targets by being near or sniffed out while on its way to the mound.


  • preferably take the high ground for good PoV
  • Use operator void dash up the trees for sawgaws, turn invis quickly  crouch and wait
  • Stovers usually takes three tranq hits
  • Bolarola best hit on belly, standing on its hind legs, while on top of the call mound
  • advanced Ivara users use sleep arrow as the quickest way to do perfect captures, I do this sometimes but most comfortable doing it with tranq rrifle




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I'll take my warning. You can close topic if you want. 

Sorry if I hurt the feelings of whoever came up with, approved or programmed conservations. Just because I can't see the value that conservation adds to the game doesn't mean there aren't dozens of members of the community that appreciate your contributions. Keep up the good work. Super fantastic engaging content. thx.

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