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"An Error Has Occured" when trying to start game/launcher

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I'm unable to start even the launcher. Whenever I try to start the game, I get the error report prompt about something having gone wrong. I've tried verifying the integrity of game files through Steam and it does not find any issues.  The game was working fine when I last played on Sunday.

I have tried starting the game via the game files and it prompts me to run the launcher. When I try to run the launcher through game files, the same error report wizard comes up.

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Try shutting down anything that might be interfering with Warframe's launch, (like Razer Synapse, Discord, various screen-recording programs). You could also try disabling the Steam overlay by right-clicking "Warframe" in the game list, clicking Properties, and it's a checkbox on the first page.  If none of that helps your best bet is to contact Support, and send in your Launcher.log file  (found under Start, Run, "%LocalAppData%\Warframe\" )

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