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Suggestion: Steel Path Side Grade: Shadow Path

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The concept is simple:

Steel Path Level Enemies.

Upon kill, stealth mode rewards additional damage, affinity, movement speed, power strength, etc. to provide a different play experience.  Have them stack with stealth kills.

If detected, enemies receive additional damage and defense modifiers against you.

Basically, reward the player for swift, silent, deadly gameplay, and penalties for simple tanking, etc. 

Space Ninja mode.

Unique rewards as per Steel Path.

And the system is easily implemented from recycled content that is modified.


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2 minutes ago, Drachnyn said:

Would you let stealth frames just have free reign in your game mode?

Yes.  It’s a place for Stealth mode to shine.  Just like certain frames in Steel Path heavily weight towards success.

People are free to experiment with non-traditional Stealth frames/weapons with load outs.  

Maybe DE tries to implement mods and gameplay for stealth that retro-actively benefit all frames as a whole for players who want a better stealth option but don’t want to use Stealth frames all the time.

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29 minutes ago, (PSN)Councillor_S-MA said:

why would we need this?

Well what do we need in warframe? Its mostly what people want. The core game works fine and got tons of gameplay. 


But i can see how making a mode that is encouraging proper stealth could be fun. 


But the slower pace need higher per mission rewards 

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Many players would find this idea restrictive, forcing players to use stealth specific Warframes...


... But I'm pretty sure I would be able to run this with an Excalibur... Although those player-specific bonuses do feel a lot like "I have to be stronger through buffs because its unfair that only enemies are scaled up and my equipment sucks balls of barbed wire against Steel Path up to the point where I can't kill anything at all so I need these buffs to actually kill an enemy because my viral+slash builds are weak af" buffs rather than something actually useful and refreshing...


... I don't know, perhaps a little more thought into it would make it better...?

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