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Star Days: Hotfix 29.8.1


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Can we get old enemy scaling back in some way?

Note: I do not care if I do not get a single item in return for fighting such enemies but here is an idea.


The Void has been meaningless for years, how about you add one of each ,,relevant'' mission types (disruption for example) and enable the old scaling ONLY in the void. Give the players a clear SIGN that this planet has old scaling (which means actual enemies) so they bring fully forma and good weapons instead of  their Mk1-Bo. 

Nobody farms for hours in the void,it is no hotspots for any meta farm whatsoever, therefore people are not likely to complain about their farms being suddenly harder than usual.


Just give us SOMEHOW the old scaling back in a small portion  at least

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No fix for Ticker's debt bond inventory being broken? You guys changed it a while back to ensure rare debt bonds would be available, but at some point this year that broke and it's back to commons only. REALLY hoping you can get a fix for this fast, considering how many Familial bonds are required for Star Days.

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vor 3 Minuten schrieb --RV--arm4geddon-117:

2 months in and 14 pages of feedback about Lavos, what's your official position on said feedback, DE ?

i am not DE but the people who say he is bad or needs buffs probably have no idea how to play him. 

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1 minute ago, Patash said:

 return the Arcane helmets, and maybe buff/rework some of them. 

Stat boost should not be tied to cosmetics. They should just leave them as relics of an older time. 

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are You aware, that there is a bug in mission-results. eg. 300 kills = 2% damage and another player: 302 kills = 90% damage, (no bosses)

or i made extermination solo with 170 to kill, but in results its says 53 kills made and stuff, it happens all the time

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