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Let us buy TennoGen with Plat!

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9 hours ago, MollAgdeduba said:

that's the best part... there are millions of player that play warframe, and you think about those 5/10 player unhappy? Let me understand... you are a creator, right? Be payed with platinum for some in-game skin is enought. 99% of game pay with in-game money.

DE win, millions of player win, sone irrilevant number of creator lose. 


No, I'm not a creator. I'm just someone who thinks the creators deserve to get paid for their work. However if I was a creator I would have to stop making TennoGen if all I got out of it was plat because I can't turn plat into food, electricity, medicine, house upkeep money etc.

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The value of platinum is exponentially devalued as there are many safe deposit making action of buying very cheap to sell very expensive and accumulating more platinum.

There is a lot of platinum circulating on the market and few players need to buy for real money

I do not support this because the majority of this accumulated platinum is earned from the exploration of market.com

market.com has a wrong system and needs to be connected to each player's account.

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Ok as someone who has no experience in the process of designing stuff for tennogen, I will TRY to approach it from two angles: the player angle and creator angle

Player angle: This is the person who benefits the most from this change. I can make plat for free through in game stuff and buy tennogen for free. Or I can wait for a discount, and say buy 1000 plat for 50% of it's cost and spend it on tennogen. Win scenario for me. The only negative I can see is that it becomes more accusable. I know I would buy some stuff from tennogen if it costs plat rather than real money. I feel that it would undermine it's value here. 

Creator angle: No more revenue. It's the simple fact that so many people have asked here: how do you pay them? Conversion ratio? It might be the best idea, but what would it be? Make it so 10 plat is worth 50 cents? Ok so you are saying I can buy a crap ton of tennogen stuff with a few dollars from myself, especially if I got a discount, considering that most tennogen is around $2 I think. But what about free plat? Do they still get money if I buy their stuff using plat someone gave me for a few riven mods? There's too many uncertainties, and it's like arguing for an auction house in game (note-used as an example). If you can come up with a good system to PAY these creators for their hard work, then I will retract my statements here. Oh one more point actually: Tennogen creators, how many of you would make tennogen for free essentially? Not many of you I would guess. Honestly you want a good example of this, go talk to the tennogen creators for console. Ask them for their opinion. 

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