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Automatically selecting the search bar after a mission is a "QoL" change no one wanted and is a major frustration.

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I can't recall the number of times I've finished a mission, hit T, and gone to type "gg" or whatever to my teammates.

A few seconds go by, nothing happens. "What's going on?" I think to myself. Then, I look at the search bar in the mission rewards section -


It's just endlessly frustrating. Filtering rewards is a very rare thing - but chat is a highly used feature. Therefore, it makes sense NOT to automatically toggle the search bar on.

Having to manually click off the search bar every single time after a mission is yet another endless chore to the buggy mess that is Warframe's UI - hell, Warframe in general. At LEAST grant me freedom from this. The search bar haunts my dreams every night and traps me inside it, unable to escape.

No but seriously, why did you do this. Reverse it.

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maybe just make it a Gameplay setting. autofocus Search Bars yes/no

i'd have it on, if others prefer it off, by all means.
but i waited like 3 YEARS for them to fix the autofocus that they broke.

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I seen this requested quite a bit. 100% agree..

But with the feedback DE has, they won't do anything about it. And if new UI elements are created and have a search bar, they will auto-focus those search bars too.

Look - they took community feedback on Ordis and with that, they made Loid. Kinda tells you all you need to know.

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