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Why is it taking 64% armor reduction Oberon 4-5 body slams on corrupted heavy gunner



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On 2021-02-20 at 5:29 AM, (PSN)iuvenilis said:

If it's Steel path, enemies have 250% armor (opposed to their nornal 100%). So you're only stripping 64% each cast, hence 4 casts required (4x64=256).

Oberon's [4] removes armor permanently (if the target is standing on Hallowed Ground). The calculation is multiplicative and uses the target's total armor value (disregarding armor debuffs and buffs). So if you have Corrosive Projection equipped (= armor debuff effect), it will not affect how Reckoning is calculated (and how much armor is removed). On Steel Path enemies have 250% armor, their normal 100% armor and an additional 150% "buff". Oberon's Reckoning-effect is calculated from the normal 100%, which is why it takes more casts to remove all armor.

If a "normal" target has a base total armor of 1000, one cast of Reckoning at 64% would remove 640 armor and leave the target with 360 armor. A second cast would strip another 640 armor, leaving the target with 0 armor. If a "Steel Path" target has the same base total armor, it has an actual armor value of 2500 (100% + 150%), but Reckoning still removes 64% of the standard value = 640 = the same "normal" amount. So on Steel Path the target would have 1860 armor left after the first cast, 1220 after the second, 580 after the third and 0 after the fourth. This is because the "Steel Path buff" is not included in Reckoning's calculation.

I want to say I am not 100% sure about this, but this is how Reckoning works in Sorties when enemies has "buffed armor".

Since Oberon can remove the same percentage from the standard armor, you can actually "trim" how much armor you want to remove with each cast. As the base is 30% (at 100% strength) you could remove all armor in one cast with a strength of at least 234%. 64% is not all that optimal, because you need 2 casts to remove all armor and you would get the same result with 50%. However, if you want to really minmax your damage you should remove 99% of the armor, which removes 99% of the damage reduction from armor, and leave 1% to use the 50% or 75% damage increase (that certain damage types get against certain armor).

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hace 16 minutos, (PSN)spdwyblu05xrun dijo:

I thought after 2 slams that armors gone. 

I think you are refering to his 4, only applies the 64% armor reduction the first time and iirc lasts what the following rad proc lasts so when you hit her again you will reset the timer of that debuff instead of applying another.

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i'll go with that if it's Steel Path, the Armor may be applied similarly to the +Armor Sortie modifier, as in a very strange way which means that Armor is technically different Armor from their normal Armor. and so some things will interact strangely with it.

not a guarantee, but not all that unlikely based on precedent.

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