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Allow Four Railjacks in Missions !

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While I can understand the initial concept of a four player coop experience inside the same ship, with each player having a different role, the truth is , the concept doesn't really work all that well due to most of the support roles being underwhelming and the existing systems making most roles redundant: 

  • Pilot - Everyone pretty much wants to be the pilot, as you're the one flying the cool ship, doing the bulk of the shooting and it's just 100% better than all the other roles. This can lead to toxic people stealing control from your own ship, which is frustrating.
  • Gunner - Nobody really uses or enjoys using the side turrets.  They are unmanned 90% of the time . They would be better off handled by your Command Intrinsic Crew. Just put the command crew there and have them step off the gun if an actual player wants to use it.
  • Engineer - Nobody particularly enjoys staying on the ship to fix breaches and and crafting ammunition on the forge. Once again would be better handled by your Command Intrinsic Crew. Heck, with teleportation and enough points in intrinsics to get remote repair , a pilot doesn't even need an engineer currently, even without the Command Intrinsic.
  • Front Artillery - While it does speed missions up when you have a dedicated front artillery operator, it's a rather unneeded job with the pilot being only like ten steps away from the station anyway. It's not like it's that exciting to wait in a chair till a crewship spawn and the pilot gets you a good angle. Besides one can argue that this is an artificial limitation, as the pilot could very well press a button and shoot the front canon from his pilot seat if you guys wanted to, and frankly, I think the time to kill crewships would be way faster with four different RJ pilots each shooting their own front artillery anyway.
  • Infiltrator - Having people on infiltration duty is kinda cool , but considering you can shoot crewships with the front cannon, that the pilot can warp to the slingshot and put the ship on cloak when he needs to infiltrate, I'd say the role is rather redundant.... Command Intrinsic will probably make it even less relevant, as it should be even easier for the pilot to leave his ship and let it be run by the AI crew. Just make cloak duration longer and voila, the pilot can now do the infiltration while his ship is safe and the other three Railjacks are protecting his cloaked ship.
  • Nobody particularly enjoys using Archwing during Railjack missions. They are squishy, usually lack the DPS to kill most of the veil enemies, and I'm pretty sure everyone would rather pilot a Railjack than an Archwing. Leave Archwing as a way to go from base to base, from ship to base, etc... Not as something people in the ship do because the side turrets are rather janky and the are not really needed for repairs.
  • There's already the possibility of hijacking Crewships, meaning the tech is already there to have four ships simultaneously being piloted by four different players. Only problem is , the crewships deal terrible damage with their guns and are slow as hell , making them pointless. So can we have four railjacks simultaneously already plzzz !
  • Finally, there's the good old fact that once you have a decent Railjack, you never want to join anyone's crew anymore (why would you want to endure being in a crappy ship with a bad pilot fixing his holes and making him munitions he's going to waste) ... So yeah, making a gamemode that requires 4 player coop doesn't make sense when you realize this, as as more players engage with the gamemode and get their own ship running, there's eventually way more pilots than crew... With nobody wanting to be the crew and everybody wanting to be the pilot yet again...


Just allow 4 players to join a mission with their own Railjack. You could maybe keep a few nodes where only one or two railjacks are allowed , depending on objectives or mission types, but yeah , just allow everyone to use their own ship in most of the RJ nodes.

Player would still have the choice to join as part of the crew of an existing ship if they have yet to own a RJ or if their RJ and intrinsics are not high enough to be self-sufficient, and you could still ask your friends to join your ship, but overall, there would be way more instances of 4 Railjacks or 2 Railjacks with 1 Crewman each...

So yeah, please consider this for the future or Railjack.


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At release, the menial jobs of fire, electrical, resource upkeep mattered because RJ's get wrecked easily. Then enemies was severely nerfed and all of it even my favorite activity slingshot became useless bowing out to spamming OP battle avionics. 

I also like the idea and recommended it too. To make Command Intrinsic more impactful as multi faction recruitment of crews arrives, each player having their own command in the same space arena to battle a fleet of spaceships of all shape and sizes only make sense. Make NPC training and  maybe special faction expertise the focus of RJ efficiency on winning space missions. Of course, those without RJ's can still join anyones crew, only this time, players will be encouraged to build their own as four RJ's will be allowed to duke it out in soace.

This may be an unpopular suggestion, but I even go as far as deleting all battle avionics and make flotilla formations, turrets, ramming, AW, slingshot, ordnance and FA as only source of damage. Something akin to The Expanse will be epic. Unless a heavy nerf or removal of battle avionics is done, multiple RJ's in a mission will be pointless.

Sadly, this is all but a pipe dream. I am afraid too much is already invested on avionics, player crew interactions, Intrinsics and sharing WF abilities barely used, that there is a slim chance of DE going through this path. 

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