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Plz fix fortuna bounties

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I cant stress how much ive been getting frustrated at the fortuna bounty bugs every single time i do the spy mission for the fortune bounty it won't allow me to access the console among the countless other bugs ive veen experiencing this is the only one ruining the game for me as i can't deal with this anymore

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To clarify and as an add-on to help fix this. When repeating a bounty in the same expedition into Orb Vallis, the spy vault will not reset, and you cannot hack it. Similar issues appear with the Jailer Corpus bonus on one of the bounties, as they no longer drop data keys on a repeated run. Fortuna bounties also suffer PoE problems with the exterminate enemies in a period of time, when solo, it’s relatively easy, but 2+ players can genuinely fail the bounty as no enemy will spawn. There is also a bug regarding the ambush bounty, when repeated, the last coil drive will remain in its place and cause the new one to be immortal (and rely on the old coil drive’s healthbar). Normally that last one doesn’t cause any issues, but it’s still not normal gameplay of course. 

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