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Remove the auto-kick whenever all Clan Members leave the Dojo.

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When all Clan members leave a Dojo, any Visitors will get kicked independently of good or evil intenion. There is NO NEED WHATSOEVER to kick them because as a Visitor, You can't add, remove or edit rooms & decorations, or make changes in their Research which makes this auto-kick mechanism COMPLETELY USELESS.

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It has something to do with how the clan dojos are loaded and as a visitor I don't think you have the correct info linked to your account to properly display another clan's dojo. 

The featured ones on the star chart are like a relay and hosted by DE, which is why I believe they have some restrictions on ability to do things to the dojo while it is being displayed on the star chart. 

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You're basically asking for "Remove the Host Migration when the host disconnects"

... that's just not going to be possible with the way WF currently uses p2p networking

wish they'd update it, but apparently their team is all Artists and only 1 programmer actually specializes in Netcode, and they got him tied up keeping up with New Content.

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2 hours ago, TurianGarrus said:


^ Not allowed ^ without a host to begin with.

Would you let a visitor, a stranger, into your own house and then leave the stranger alone in it while you're outside doing whatever?

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