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Teralyst in Daytime?

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I should probably add, I didn't do anything special or unusual here.  I was doing public void trace farming until I remembered I needed to do fishing in PoE in daytime.  So from my orbiter I hit solo mode and went straight to plains. I was shocked when 10 or so seconds into the plains Konzu started talking about Sentient Energy spikes.  I started flying around, and yup, there was Terry, in the daytime.

After taking the screenshot, I flew on and did other stuff. I never started an actual bounty, just tried to fish for nightwave. When a Tusk Thumper spawned, I thought it would be a rare opportunity to get a screen shot with both of them in it.  But at that point (probably 5 minutes later) I couldn't find Terry.  Maybe he turned around and went back into the water already, or my searching was just unlucky.

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