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Void Fissures in Railjack idea

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  1. Have wandering void storms occur throughout the proximas
    • Lith/Meso on Earth proxima
    • Neo/Axi on Saturn proxima
    • Axi/Requiem on Veil proxima
  2. Have these storms not be separate missions, but integrated into the normal missions like the wandering anomaly
  3. The storms would be visible like the anomaly and maybe a distance away from the objectives like the anomaly is
  4. Unlocking relics would be done by flying into the storm, causing void fissures to spawn on the railjack, and enemies would spawn in around these fissures
  5. Cause all kinds of mayhem onboard the railjack, and make the space outside the railjack look like you are no longer in a proxima, like you are in the wall, like the Zariman Ten Zero

I think this would be cool for relic farming. It would get a lot more people into railjack, and would look cool as heck. You would see what the tenno saw, the chaos of the void outside your railjack windows

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