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Railjack Ideas & Orphix Venom Suggestions

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I'm pretty new to Warframe, so please take this with the understanding that I might be missing the bigger picture. (Also, sorry for not posting when you first asked for feedback; I know it's hard to implement an improvement when you're only told about it at the last minute.)

Railjack Ideas

  • An avionic to reduce the amount of time it takes to fire the forward artillery. At max rank, maybe half off the time. It would really help out in solo play, and I think in team play people would get used to the speed difference pretty quickly.
  • An avionic to double the range of the slingshot. Currently, the slingshot maxes out at 4500m, which is close enough that outposts can target you. It would be nice to be able to slingshot into an outpost without worrying about a ramsled hitting your railjack.
  • The ability to use the Forge using the Tactical menu. Similar to the way you can take care of hazards through the Tactical menu, but for refining revolite, flux, munitions and charges.
  • In the Forge, there is a button to take all of the stocked up resources and push them to the players "out of mission" inventory. This is the button at the top of the menu when using the Forge. I would suggest removing that button completely. I've never seen experienced players use that button. And, when a new player accidently hits that button, I've seen some pretty angry reactions from the experienced players.

Orphix Venon suggestions

I just want to start by saying that I really enjoyed the event. The game play was very engaging and there was always multiple things that needed to be prioritized and concentrated on. The 36 Orphix's didn't feel like a laborious 55 minutes because you are always focusing on the next step, the next thing that needs to be prepared for or executed. I found it very similar to Eidolon hunts in that aspect. But, there were some things that I found frustrating:

  • The most frustrating thing was accidently getting into a "loner" mech. I was hoping that the "loner" mech idea could be rethought. I understand the need to allow for players without mechs to play/enjoy the mission. But, can we change where the loner mechs are placed? Maybe the loner mechs can be at the entry point of the mission; and not have them strewn throughout the level. It's the mechs that are in the middle of the level that I accidently jump into. And, accidently jumping into a loner mech at round 33 is really frustrating. I would frequently jump out of my mech in order to void dash to hard to reach resonators. And, when I was coming back to my mech, if I happened to not notice a loner mech, I could wind up having to wait 10 seconds for the mech to reconstruct itself, then try to move it someplace out of the way, and then get back to my mech. In the later rounds that was a really frustrating delay.
  • The random level design combined with the BAC CAB Orphix spawn locations could cause the distance from A -> C to be unplayable. In general, A -> C was stressfully long, where you needed to be moving long before the next Orphix arrived; but during the highest rounds (30+) the distance could be soo great that it would make it near impossible to travel the distance and clear the Orphix in time. This was more likely to happen on the Corpus tileset than the Grinner tileset. But, sometimes the twists and turns on the Grineer tileset could create the same problematic situation. My suggestion would be to drop the BAC CAB rotation and only use the CBA ABC rotation. This would ensure the middle point in the rotation was always a reasonable distance to the next Orphix spawn location.
  • Every once in a while (very rarely), the Corpus tileset would spawn resonators in locations that were either very far from the Orphix location or in a very difficult to enter location. From what I saw, the resonators could spawn anywhere within X distance away from the Orphix. I was thinking, maybe the mission/level designers could figure out a way to have more granular control over where the resonators might spawn? That way the level designers could mark which areas on the Orphix tiles resonators could spawn and where they couldn't spawn.

Anyways, thank you all for Warframe. It's a fantastic game.



In Railjack, I hope there continues to be missions like Gian Point. High level missions where you don't actually need to leave the Railjack to complete the mission. The DevStream made it very clear that you're moving in a direction to make the Railjack missions have more integration with the normal Warframe gameplay (which makes sense). But, another fun aspect of Warframe is the ability to speed run missions. And, when you have to jump out of the Railjack, it slows down the mission. I don't know if what I'm saying is actually true, but I figure you have access to the statistics. If you look over the statistics on which missions are run the most in Viel Proxima, and if it looks like Gian Point is the most run mission; a potential theory to explain that would be that it's the mission that is easiest to run over and over again with speed.

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