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Whoa, first off the site shouldn't have taken your plat and I recommend hitting up their support from their site. Second of all, you would have to contact the user who is selling from either the site or (the preferred method) contacting them in-game and wait for a response. I really hope you get your plat back and you get your chroma prime too. I would gift you back your plat's worth in items but I'm on xbox. Best of luck bud.

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On 2021-02-22 at 11:57 AM, (PSN)Frozen_Kvng said:

Hey everyone, anyone.

This is my first time using this so stay with me please. I just used the Warframe market for the first time last night, I got a chroma prime set. It took my platinum and everything. But how do I get the actual set it's not in my inventory or anything. All help is appreciated.


you talking about the marketplace in game or https://warframe.market/

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