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Nihil boss fight mission repeat does not reward a riven mod

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Playing on PS5. 

The introduction of the Nihil's Oubliette Key into the Nightwave store allows players to repeat the Nihil boss fight for an oppotunity to receive the Vitrica melee weapon.

If a player has already completed this fight during Nightwave Season 3 and already has Vitrica in their inventory. It is stated on the most recent update that a Riven Mod reward is to be granted instead upon completion. 

I have completed this fight 3 times now, and have yet to receive any rewards. I have also tested this on Xbox Series X and was granted the riven mod on first completion. The granting of rewards for this mission appears to be bugged on Playstation, leaving me down by 60 Intermission III creds. 

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Just posting to report facing a similar issue. Tried reseting game, moving around the Oubliette etc, still no luck. 


Seems to be working now! Maybe the latest hotfixes or some other reason, but hopefully working for others too, and thank you! Have a Riven now! 

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