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(Corrupted) Attack drone defense bug

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TLDR: Mind controlled (corrupted) fusion moas spawn allied attack drones, still counted as enemies in defense mode. Preventing the players from entering next wave and the drone remains allied and indestructible.

In general, the "mind control" skill allows us to take control of the targeted enemy, then they will carry out actions that are beneficial to our side. For example, the mind controlled drahks and hyekkas masters will spawn their packs that are allied to the Tenno, Corpus sniper crewman will deploy allied fabricating mats to make allied proxies to attack their former allies. These summoned subjects should NOT be counted as enemies as they are remain loyal to us until death.

However, there are exceptions from this case, the fusion moas and its corrupted cousin. In defense missions, even they are being mind controlled, the subject they spawn will still be counted as enemy just as they are used to be. For my personal experience, fusion moas will deploy attack drones once their health are below 50%, and this mechanic will still apply on them even being mind controlled. I have tried this mechanic by myself in solo fissure defense with mind control Trinity, its spawn mechanic works but its subject spawned still counts as enemy remaining, even it is being tagged as an ally. When all enemies are eliminated, the counter to next wave is missing, and the only things alive is the allied attack drone. I can't destroy it without radiation proc so I have no choice but to eject from the mission.  

It is strange that this inaccurate enemy counting method is only used in defense missions, other missions including interception, extermination and capture-extermination are functioned properly ( Allied attack drones are excluded from remaining enemy count ). 

I wish this post can alert the players and patch crews before more players have to eject from fissure defense missions.

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