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Name : Pulen

Gender : Male

Description : An elite soldier who stood up in the war against the sentient. he is balanced in agility and defense, and his skills are always effective. Pulen is always accompanied by Wolf, a multi-role drone for attack and support that can prove vital during a mission.

Stats (Rank 0)

Hp : 150

Shields : 150

Armor : 350

Energy : 175

Speed : 1.15

Passive : Pulen is always accompanied by a heavy multirole drone named Wolf. Wolf will autonomously attack enemies, and improves Pulen's shield regeneration while alive. If Wolf is destroyed, he can be recreated within 40 seconds.

Ability 1 (area damage/utility)

Tap : Switch between the type of bombing.

Hold : Pulen requires a bombardment of a selected area, to take down enemies with different types of bombardment.

Common : A prolonged bombardment using common explosives, which inflict serious damage over a large area.


Cost : 25

Duration : 15 seconds

Bombs/s : 5

Bombardment radius : 20 meters

Bomb explosion range : 6 meters

Damage : 495

EMP : A single emp bomb falls onto the battlefield, and will deactivate all types of mechanical enemies, destroy all types of shields, and block the weapons of any enemy.


Cost : 25

Explosion range : 35 meters

Deactivation duration : 30 seconds

Damage : 100 (100% magnetic) x 20.000 to shields

Neuro-toxin : A series of explosives containing neurotoxins will fall back into the field, spilling their contents. The neurotoxins will remain on the battlefield for an extended time, dealing damage over time, slowing down, and blurring the sight of enemies.


Cost : 25

Explosives : 5

Explosion range : 12 meters

Bombardment radius : 35 meters

Neurotoxin gas duration : 30 seconds

Neurotoxin damage : 175/s (25% viral | 25% gas | 25% corrosive | 25% toxin)

Neurotoxin status duration : 16 seconds off the smoke

Slow down : 27%

Precision reduction : 19%

Napalm : A series of napalm-filled shots will land on the designated bombardment area, releasing a massive amount of napalm, which will damage and ignite enemies for prolonged time. The napalm will remain in the field for some time before consuming everything.


Cost : 25

Containers : 5

Explosion range : 12 meters

Bombardment range : 35 meters

Napalm duration : 13 seconds

Napalm damage : 275/s (100% fire)

Ability 2 (self-defence)

Pulen uses a reinforcement kit, to cover certain parts of the body with impenetrable armor, greatly increasing his protection. Reinforcement kits are limited, but can regenerate over time.


Cost : 50

Kits : 3

Kit cooldown : 30 seconds

Each kit will cover with impenetrable plates the face, the upper part of the torso, the central part of the belly, the back (80%), the outermost parts of the arms, and the frontal parts of the legs.

Armor hp : 3.785 (increase with armor, ability strenght and hp)

3 seconds invulnerability time

Ability 3 (utility)

Tap : Switch between Wolf protocols.

Hold : Pulen activates the selected protocol, in order to specialize his drone in some actions.

Attack : During this protocol, Wolf will be able to independently move away from Pulen, to attack enemies with a heavy automatic rifle. Wolf will automatically strike at enemies' weak spots, and his incendiary shots can set the enemy hit on fire.


Cost : 50

Movement speed : 1.95

Attack speed : 8 shots/s

Precision : 37

Fire probability : 25%/shot

Damage : 100/shot

Defence : During this protocol, Wolf gives up some of his mobility and attack power, to generate a powerful shield to block any attack. Wolf will orbit around Pulen, and automatically position itself between Pulen and the most powerful damage source, and while Wolf's offensive ability has decreased, he can still attack nearby enemies with powerful electric shocks. Activating this protocol while targeting an ally (warframer, necramech, defense pod, auger, or terminal) will cause Wolf to protect that ally.


Cost : 50

Damage output : -50%

Speed : -35%

Shields hp : 2.950 (increase with warframer armor, strenght and wolf's shields and armor)

Shield dimensions : 4 meters height x 2.5 meters width

Shock range : 16 meters

Damage : 50

Attack speed : 2.5/s

Support : When this protocol is active, Wolf will move freely on the battlefield, to reach the injured allies and heal them, reviving them if necessary.During this protocol, Wolf will be able to independently place electric mines on the ground, which if activated, will block enemies with powerful electric shocks.


Cost : 50

Movment speed : 2.15

Healing : 65/s

Reanimation time : 8 seconds

Mine place time : 3 seconds

Mine activation range : 7 meters

Mine stun duration : 12 seconds

Ability 4 (nuke)

Pulen orders a powerful attack from the air, through a devastating nuclear device. The nuclear attack will fall back a few seconds after activation, and will inflict enormous amounts of damage, in a huge area, contaminating it with radioactive material. The nuclear attack is extremely powerful, and will deal damage even behind cover, and can damage warframers if they are near the epicenter of the attack.


Cost : 200 (unaffected by mods)

Cooldown : 30 seconds (unaffected by mods)

Explosion delay : 7 seconds (unaffected by mods)

Explosion total range : 100 meters

Lethal area : 25 meters radius (Range where each enemy will die 100%, and warframes will take damage|will not affect pods,drills, agents and the like) (unaffected by mods)

Explosion damage : 45.000 (100% radiation)


Thanks for reading. Leave your opinions below in the comments, along with any doubts / questions that I will try to answer. Tips on changes / balances are welcome.

Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night :D

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