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February 2021 Riven Disposition Updates

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Greetings Tenno!

Our first Prime Access of 2021 has danced its way onto all platforms, meaning more Riven adjustments along with it.

This time, we’ve reached an exciting milestone - not a single Primary, Secondary or Arch-gun has received any sort of disposition reduction! Two quick footnotes on what this means for the present and future of Riven dispositions:

  • Melee Rivens still have a way to go since their changes started later, but we hope to reach a similarly healthy spot sometime this year.
  • This does NOT mean that we will never reduce another gun ever again (in the same way that a disposition going untouched doesn’t mean it will never increase in the future). Warframe boasts not only a wealth of old content, but also a history of major mechanical revisions that can drastically affect which weapons are popular. This set of changes has a perfect example: since our Glaive rework late last year, Glaive Prime in particular has seen a huge influx of usage, resulting in the first ever disposition change for that weapon.

Without further ado, here are the changes - thanks for reading!



Basmu: 1.1->1.15

Bubonico: 0.5->0.6

Catchmoon: 0.9->1

Cedo: 0.5->0.55

Dread: 1.25->1.3

Fulmin: 0.6->0.65

Kuva Hind: 1->1.05

Lanka: 0.9->0.95

Panthera Prime: 0.85->1.05

Quellor: 1->1.05

Rattleguts: 0.8->0.9

Sporelacer: 0.5->0.85

Sporothrix: 0.5->0.85

Supra: 1->1.05
Supra Vandal: 0.9->0.95

Sancti Tigris: 0.9->0.95
Tigris Prime: 0.8->0.85

Trumna: 0.55->0.7

Vermisplicer: 0.5->0.7



Akjagara: 1->1.05
Akjagara Prime: 0.85->0.9

Akstilletto: 0.9->0.95
Akstilletto Prime: 0.6->0.65

Catabolyst: 0.5->0.8

Hystrix: 1.15->1.2

Pox: 1.15->1.2

Pyrana: 0.9->0.95

Quatz: 1.15->1.2

Sepulcrum: 0.75->0.85

Sporelacer: 0.5->0.55

Staticor: 0.6->0.65

Velox: 1->1.1

Vermisplicer: 0.5->0.85

Zakti Prime: 0.5->0.75

Zymos: 0.75->0.95



Arum Spinosa: 0.5->0.85

Atterax: 0.95->1

Broken War: 1.1->1.15

Cassowar: 1.3->1.35

Galatine: 0.95->1.05
Galatine Prime: 0.7->0.75

Glaive Prime: 1.22->1.05

Gram Prime: 0.9->0.8

Guandao Prime: 0.5->0.6

Gunsen: 1.3->1.35

Synoid Heliocor: 1.25->1.3

Hirudo: 1.05->1.1

Jat Kittag: 1.25->1.3

Karyst Prime: 0.75->1.05

Keratinos: 0.7->0.9

Kronen Prime: 0.85->0.7

Ceti Lacera: 1.1->1.15

Lecta: 1.15->1.2
Secura Lecta: 1->1.05

Mewan: 1.05->1.1

Mios: 1.2->1.25

Orthos: 0.95->1
Orthos Prime: 0.6->0.65

Pulmonars: 0.5->0.85

Quassus: 0.75->0.95

Rabvee: 1.25->1.3

Reaper Prime: 0.85->0.75

Redeemer: 1.1->1.05
Redeemer Prime: 0.65->0.6

Sheev: 1.3->1.35

Sydon: 1.25->1.3
Vaykor Sydon: 1.2->1.25

Venka: 1->1.05

Vitrica: 0.5->0.7

War: 0.95->1

Zenistar: 1.05->1.1



Cortege: 0.7->0.85

Prisma Dual Decurion: 0.5->0.85

Imperator: 1->1.05

Morgha: 0.5->0.7


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perfect, my nikanas didnt get touched this time. Melee is still so much more prominent is because they can deal with a wide array of the enemies in this game while guns cannot unless they are AOE weapons or you strip the armor enough for guns to not slow down and rivens are currently a bandaid for that. I really hate using only melee and a primer weapon like the kuva nukor or cedo. We really need Condition overload for primary weapons thats not just half of the normal like we have on cedo. 

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Omg DE didn't nerf anything super important this time lol. That's a first


To be fully honest, this is a good thing. I feel like dispos should just stay where they are/increased if needed UNLESS the weapon is stupidly OP *cough* kuva nukor *cough*. Since no one brought it up yet I will: if a weapon needs to have its dispo raised to be considered effective, what change does that really have? Cause if the Lecta was raised, how many people will use it more now? 

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4 hours ago, [DE]Connor said:

since our Glaive rework late last year, Glaive Prime in particular has seen a huge influx of usage, resulting in the first ever disposition change for that weapon.

I'm trying to understand... you guys rework something so that players will like them more.. but as a result of more players usage, you guys nerf the dispo. I'm trying to understanding why do thing like this?

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Honestly? The weapons that were nerfed were predictable. Kronen, Gram, Glaive...

Everyone went nuts over these.

Nice to see they actually buffed a lot while nerfing only those that were absolutely necessary.

Though Viper, Flux Rifle etc. will need more than a 1.55 Groll Riven to be good. Those would be bad with a 3.00 Riven 😂

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12 minutes ago, Loza03 said:


The salt for me fish n chips tonight.


Nah, I'm rooting for you. Good. Lets celebrate the victories like these.

 don't worry there's still people complaining about their favorite op weapon, not enough buffs, and the very idea of the system itself.

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