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February 2021 Riven Disposition Updates

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46 minutes ago, Orakan said:


They should be nerfed tho, be it by usage or by actual balance metric.
Kronens maybe less so because the stance is the offender but its still a sliver above the rest, Gram Prime meanwhile flat out breaks the power curve of heavy blade weapons by a solid 40 to 50% (well weapon raw/pre rest of loadout in best conditions thats a 170k dps difference) for no reason other than being on release balanced with values for melee 2.998 and then buffed again when the patch itself hit for no reason.

However im talking about the stance and weapon more so than the rivens which are gacha rng bs that needs to be removed either way.

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On 2021-02-23 at 3:53 PM, [DE]Connor said:

Melee Rivens still have a way to go since their changes started later, but we hope to reach a similarly healthy spot sometime this year

Who are we kidding ? You can toy around with riven dispositions as long as you want but melee will never be in a healthy spot as long as Bloodrush, Weeping Wounds, and Condition Overload exist, kek.

You created a monster when you added such cancer mods, have fun daydreaming of the day melee will be "Balanced"

Tube is full of level cap SP showcases sporting rivened and non rivened melee's, meta and non meta alike. Just shower a 9999 Demo with as many diff procs as you can and gg.

Good luck balancing that rotfl



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1 hour ago, malum2000 said:

its mostly buffs?
since when?


Buffs? What buffs? I can only see red! They needed enemy survivability again!

*Deep Breath*


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Why are there literally no sentinel rifle riven changes ever?

Did you forget they exist or something?


They haven't forgotten them. They're just useless.


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So....can we also increase the riven slots from 180? Or just remove cap and let us have another platinum sink buying off space? 

There are players who do collect and find always transmuting wasteful . Give it a tnought or some kind of solution please.

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I don't like glaives but i really feel bad for the people who do, involved time/formas/plat into their rivened Glaive Prime build only to get stabbed like this.


Also, i REALLY think that this "different variants have different dispo" system has to go. The whole riven system needs a rework imo, but this part is really the most nonsensical and unfair one.

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I think rather than spending so much time looking over which rivens need nerfing and which need buffs why not spend some time looking into why they need changes? The base damage values and overall DPS of some of these weapons are lacklustre to say the least. Certain weapons are used over others, not necessarily because of the riven disposition. I remember the spin-to-win that was the standard for many weapons and whips especially. Maiming strike was nerfed (not complaining) and whip usage dropped significantly.

Also, not everyone will obtain a riven for certain weapons and, sadly, some weapons are just better off not using rivens at all which, in my opinion, shouldn't be a thing. Why force riven dispositions so low on weapons that near any other mod performs better than a riven when rivens themselves are overall more difficult to obtain for a specific weapon than near any other mod in the game?

If the weapon needs a high riven disposition to be viable, perhaps the base stats need looking at. Less MR fodder, more time to spend development on brand new weapons while revitalizing older weapons or weapons that never took off to begin with (stugg). No one will begrudge you DE if you buff weapons like the Harpak or Viper. MR balance and all that, I know, but the game truly doesn't begin until the star chart ends. It's just frustrating to see an Arbitration alert with +300% Stugg damage. Please, fix. . . no, refresh your older content. Make older, outdated weapons shine once more and watch the love pour in.

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vor 3 Stunden schrieb kyori:

I'm trying to understand... you guys rework something so that players will like them more.. but as a result of more players usage, you guys nerf the dispo. I'm trying to understanding why do thing like this?

Because someone at DE doesn't like it, if players like something... There's no other logical explanation imo...

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The vermisplicer could have used a little more of a dispo buff imo, I rarely ever find people using it let alone primary kitguns. I am one of the few people in my clan who actually love it and its not really popular at all. Thank you so much for the buff tho, something is always better than nothing. I'd take a miniscule buff over a nerf anyday!

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9 hours ago, [DE]Connor said:

This time, we’ve reached an exciting milestone - not a single Primary, Secondary or Arch-gun has received any sort of disposition reduction!

That's because nobody really invests heavily in Primary or Secondary weapons anymore (especially for Riven Mods) compared to Melee, and Arch-guns are only seen in the Profit-Taker fight. This really isn't a milestone to be happy about when Riven Disposition changes have killed the mood for players and punish them many times for their investment in end-game mods.

Can we please just remove Disposition and balance actual weapon stats and foundational mechanics instead? Melee Rivens aren't the problem, Nukor Rivens aren't the problem, etc. Fix the core issues with underlying mechanics instead of punishing players for using the only endgame item the game offers anymore.

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