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Fortuna Bounties are bugged

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For the 1000th time i am trying to go more then just 2 bounties on fortuna in a row without the game getting bugged. sometimes even on the second round it buggs out. I’m trying to farm axi relics but it’s pretty annoying if i have to finish 1 bounty then extract to save up and go back out again to start a new one. Not sure if anyone has ever reported that problem but since i reached mr30 and pretty much bored of the whole game and i figured least i can farm some relics to make my time worthwhile i wished i wouldn’t be getting annoyed of running missions like i living in the 80’s 😂

DE Please take it under consideration to fix that just like fixing the plains. i know u busy coming up with new events and stuff but everytime something new comes out something else crashes and honestly people loose hope. I AM ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE. So please instead on focusing which weapons and rivens to nerf rather focus on playing the game on various platforms and see it’s problems. If it’s time expensive i’d be more than happy to assist by playing it and send you a full list of problems/bugs occur on your game.

I hope for a better change. 


Warmest regards,


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