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Octavia Prime: Update 29.9.0

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It still says in the rank up menu of the Arbiters of Hexis console on the Orbiter that they want Equinox Prime's Neuroptics, rather than the Atlas Prime Systems. Haven't tested if it's just visual, as I haven't crafted the systems yet.

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hace 23 minutos, [DE]Rebecca dijo:

Fixed Tenno Specters equipped with certain weapons not needing to reload while told to "hold position", resulting in a higher rate of fire.

Rest in peace, machinegun vectis specters... You will be missed.
Would be nice if higher tier specters would be given this functionality.

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hace 11 minutos, --Denen-- dijo:

Thanks for the update! 

Can you please look a look at Vomvalyst Movement Speed? This has been an issue since Update 27.4


While we are on it: the Klebrik Scaffold (secondary shot, continuous beam) is supposed to home on targets
but it has been broken for over a year now, to the point I had to built another AMP because I knew it 
wasn't gonna get fixed. So I started using the Phahd Scaffold (secondary shot, glaive that ricochets) which is 
ALSO SUPPOSED TO HOME ON TARGETS (and it actually did for some time) and now that is broken too. 

I used both of these to kill Vombalysts and now neither of them work. Two full AMPS dumped into the trash.
What the hell DE? I reported both of these bugs several times, in a span of a year. How is it possible that I 
dump tons of resources into something but once it breaks I have to switch to another tool because I KNOW 
for a FACT it wont get fixed? Why do you abandon old content completely like this? 

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Credit is where credit is due: that Octavia Prime trailer nicely tied the cinematics and gameplay rather than just being solely gameplay (Atlas Prime and Wukong Prime). Plus, welcome back Ballas.

Hopefully, it's not too resource or time extensive being solely cinematic.

33 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Fixed Coolant Raknoids teleporting to unrelated Defense objectives in Orb Vallis (ex: Vox Solaris final mission, Base captures, etc).

EDIT: The problem is that we need to keep returning to Exploiter at the Temple of Profit just to get Coolant Canisters, which is needed to seal Thermia Fractures. If done solo, it takes a long time to transport up to 4 Canister to some Fracture that couldn't be close to Exploiter. Please spawn up to 2-3 Coolant Raknoids near any of the Thermia Fractures.

Finally, 5 minutes of defending the Coolant Canister is really excessive. It should be lowered.

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