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Octavia Prime Access is Live!

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Is bombast instrument pack only for Octavia Prime and not normal Octavia ??   Gotta wait days to use it ?? =(


Sick trailer.   I wish I could make trailers like that.   We need like Captura Prime mode.   Could record and edit from Solo mode during missions...  I love when Octavia jumped up to the upper level, sniped a dude with her pistol while gliding and then dropped down on the other side to slam attack those guys.  

Im really feeling gurada right now.  I can see her ripping guys apart for dread mirror,  spamming her 4 till she is out of juice, then cast 3 to convert her own health and then turning some dude into a blood altar while she kneels in front of it all bloody and gets healed hehehe.   Throw in some exalted melee kills in between all that...

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