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Rewards are distributed at various points during endless missions.

Reference the following wiki page for detailed information: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Mission_Rewards


Basically when you play an endless mission such as Survival you will receive rewards every 5 minutes.

Rewards come from item pools that are specific to both the mission node and the amount of time spent in the node.

For Survival the rotation goes AABC. This means you get two items from item pool A, then one from item pool B and finally one from item pool C. 

A full rotation for Survival mode is every 20 minutes. This is why you typically see people do survival matches in increments of 20 minutes.

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12 hours ago, (XBOX)JhatuGameHai said:

Please tell me what exactly are rotations, i am seeing a lot of youtubers using the word rotation like you will get this resource on rotation A or rotation B.

rotations are when you get reward for completing certain in game criteria 
survival 5 minutes
every time interception hits 100%
every 5 waves on defense
rotations go AABC 

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