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Restructuring Clan Hierarchy - Can't use the word "Admin"


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The title should say everything.

Right now I'm cleaning up my clan and doing some restructuring - as of right now I came across what can be a bug or just the game prohibiting me from using the word "Admin" for one of my hierarchy's.

I wanted to know if this was a bug or some kind of prevention? I would get a prompt telling me that it was profanity and that I could not use it.unknown.png

I wanted some clarification on that.

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7 hours ago, (XBOX)AgentMaryland93 said:


Hm, I buy it for now - albeit I still would like something official from DE.

Cause it's... kinda a weird way to just give a prompt with it being "Profanity", if the case is more so "We don't want players confused".

I could work around this for now by using "Full Moderator" instead.

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