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Octavia's Neuroptics Blueprint Drop rate very low on solo

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I did 20 solo 20 minute runs on Orokin Derelict Survival, i.e Terrorem survival on Deimos, to farm Octavias Neuroptics and it didn't drop once. I then found an article on the forums that stated to put it onto friends only, and it dropped 5 consecutive times at rotation c, one after the other. I believe this is an issue, as probability states that the odds of not getting it after 20 runs are less than one percent. So either I am the most unlucky person in the world, or there is an issue here.

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Hm, that is odd, back when I went to farm her I got it on my first run. Helping a friend out we got it on our second run. We had it set to open each time. If it isn't dropping after 20 attempts when set to solo then that definitely is an issue. 


The drop chance for the Neuroptics is a 22.5% chance drop I believe, so it should have been a 1 in 4-5 chance.

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