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Twitch reward problem...

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Hi, before create a ticket to support i want to know if someone has a problem like, and maybe some solution about "twitch streaming reward".

-) First of all, i've followed the [DE]Megan post fo link and unlink the account, and everything look ok.

-) Monday i've watched the stream for the Octavia noggle, but nothing has been given to me. I've thinked about a problem cause i've not started to watch the stream from the beginning but when it was already started. But to be sure i've again unlinked and linked the the account.

-) Yesterday i've set an alarm and i started to see the streaming in the perfect time, but tooday, when i've opened the game, nothing was in my inbox. Something is wrong... 


-) I'm banned in chat from a long time, but since now the reward have been given to me regularry and has not created ny problem.

-) Both the time I was not logged inside warframe, but just watching twitch. 

Nothing more rilevant i could think. For now i'll try for the 3rd time to relink the account... if someone have any suggestion, plz give me =)

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