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Octavia Prime: Hotfix 29.9.1

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Octavia Prime: Hotfix 29.9.1


  • Replaced the Pangolin Prime Blueprint with the Pangolin Prime Handle in the Axi C6 Relic.

    • This was always the intention but was missed!

  • Updated the Nihil Bosskey description to include details on its limited use and reward table.



  • Fixed the recent Syndicate Sacrifice Vaulted items not actually being swapped out as indicated below:

    • Replaced Arbiters of Hexis Sacrifice of Equinox Prime Neuroptics with Atlas Prime Systems

    • Replaced Arbiters of Hexis Sacrifice of Tipedo Prime Handle with Corinth Prime Barrel.

    • Replaced Red Veil Sacrifice of Equinox Prime Systems with Ivara Prime Chassis.

    • Replaced Steel Meridian Sacrifice of Equinox Prime Neuroptics with Nezha Prime Neuroptics. 

  • Fixed Tenora Prime asking for the wrong item when unlocking the Exilus slot.

  • Fixed Pandero Prime's model reverting to the regular version while Dual Wielding.

  • Fixed a script error when viewing a Fish description.

  • Fixed the Aristei Prime Shawzin not being available as an instrument choice for the Shawzin Emote, if you used it an Orbiter Decoration.

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