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Sanctuary Onslaught zone complete pop up blocks overlay map

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At the end of each round on SO/ESO there is a pop up displaying the current mission score that completely covers the mini map if you have it set to overlay. 

I don't like getting host migrated or going through solo so I want to make sure people go through the portal before I do. I end up waiting around the portal every round to make sure that the host goes through.

It's a pretty minor QoL thing but, it's bothers me every time my map gets covered up. Sometimes people see you hovering around the portal after it opens so they are reluctant to go through and risk being solo for a round and getting host migrated. 

I think a quick easy fix would just have the overlay map actually overlay everything including any pop ups. Another fix would be to make the pop up smaller, more transparent and move it slightly to the right. I just want to see my map 100% of the time in mission. 


I can see my map fine, no problems here.



Zone complete pop up provides no useful information and just blocks my map.



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Just got host migrated from eso while ranking an amp. Failed to connect to new host. Booted to orbiter. Lost everything. 

Sure wish I could have seen my mini map. Guess it's my fault for not waiting 5 seconds for that pop up to go away....

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