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Coming Soon: Devstream #152!

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Auras Resistance when? (As Toxin Resistance Aura)
Converter mods for Armor, Shields, Health (Example Shield into Vapos Shield) when? 
Remove Syndicate's Daily Cap when? 
Rage mode on Melee when? 
Review Steel Path's Rewards when? 
Railjack instead of Orbiter when? 

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Any update on the companion changes Sheldon mentioned over a year go on devstream 137?

He said it'd be out in a month from that time, I know the pandemic hit so its understandable it all got delayed but a lot of us are eagerly awaiting info on the genetic traits and inheritance, MOA set mods, pet commands, randomized appearances for Kubrows and Helminth charger mod buffs.

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A bunch of questions for the upcoming Command system:

-As fellow crew members will Kuva Liches also have the same stats that can be leveled as the other crew members?

-Can you confirm whether or not we will be able to re-arm our Kuva Liches as well?

-Will the adjustments we can hopefully perform to Kuva Liches for railjack carry over into regular missions for when they show up to help us out?

-Will we be able to get crew from other sources aside from Ticker?  (Like having a low, random chance that a fortuna citizen you save with a granum crown will offer to join your crew?  What about standard rescue targets?  Maybe capture targets could be convinced too?)

-Aside from being able to arm them and level up their stats, will crew you hire or find have minor, random passives, traits or abilities to help make them feel more unique?

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Is fixing the Arsenal Vehicle UI on your radar? Because the whole some of the things being attached to the warframe loadout and some of them not is very annoying. Also, switching archwing loadouts is cumbersome.

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Any plans on improving railjack avionics capacity? Even with the best avionic reactor, we still can't fill all of the slots (battle, tactical and integrated combined)

Are we ever going to see Squad link in action again or is this system scrapped?

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At the moment I'd love to ask countless questions, but here's three I've chosen that I'd love to hear answers to:

Will the next-gen versions of Warframe for the ps5 and xbox one series consoles receive further optimisation? Don't get me wrong, the game looks very impressive most of the time, however I rather frequently come across noticeable framerate stuttering (sometimes even drops as low as 15-20 fps judging by eye) either when I'm in a squad or when I'm doing endless missions solo on steel path. I also encounter major screen tearing while exiting menus (like mods, arsenal etc.) in the orbiter. If you could even make an optional 'performance mode' that sacrifices visual effects in favour of near-guaranteed 60fps I'd really appreciate it. 

Will the companion a.i. be improved at some stage? At the moment my companions (like kubrow, kavats, moas etc.) like to either stray far away from me, making certain mods and sets (like mods from synth set) hard to use, or they can teleport wildly around the tile I'm in, especially when I try to revive them. 

Will there ever be a smooth cross save feature? (ie. being able to seamlessly hop from console to pc and back) Cross platform in general would be much better of course, but I can understand if it'd be too complex to implement judging from the several differences between versions. Cross save would still be a major game-changer for many, including myself, and I'd really want to know if (and possibly when) it's implemented. 

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53 minutes ago, xXMadneXDXx said:

What happened to the modular archwing? 

It will probably be out with the Duviri Paradox, in the 2nd half of 2021 (I guess).

I have a question : Do you think it can be possible for the players to use K-Drives in normal mission ? Since they are not as fast as Archwings, I feel like it would be nice ^^

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1 hour ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

We are going to be doing a big Q&A in this Devstream – just like earlier Devstreams - with questions coming in from some of Warframe’s longstanding YouTubers and Twitch Streamers, as well as questions from this thread.

I think a lot of people wanted this :D

My main question is : Talking about Railjack Revisitied does this include moving standard archwing nodes off the starchart ? Consequently will the Railjack Proxima Map nodes give mastery ? 

Second question I believe others will ask that too : Second iteration on reworks of frames?

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Okay, prepare yourself for a rapid-fire series of questions.

  • Nox gun when? Dog Days was a decent test chamber for it, but we need an official release date.
  • Archmelee Glaive when? This weapon was shown off a while back, but was never officially finished yet.
  • Modular Archwings when, if at all? This was another talked-about feature that wasn't implemented given the busy schedule.
  • Players can make their own Moas with the help of Legs in Fortuna. Is there any chance we can expand the list of Corpus robots that we can make, including the likes of Ospreys, Bursas or Hyenas?
  • While on the topic of robotic companions, would it be possible to provide us with the Grineer Roller Turret companions? Those seem like the only feasible counterparts to the Corpus Moas.
  • I gotta ask this, Pets 2.0 when? This has taken way too long to roll out given the years of discussion & changes made over time.
  • The Drahk, Underbrush Kubrow, Moonless Kavat & Hyekka skins for our pets completely disable armor cosmetics for our companions, when will this issue be addressed?
  • During that Create-a-Warframe competition that brought us Xaku, the Falconeer made it into the top 10. The Falconeer was supposedly accompanied by a bird companion, a counterpart to Venari. I remember a while back that you guys were against programming Condroc companions. Has that mentality changed since the competition?
  • With the Command Intrinsic & the ability to hire or use captured Liches as crewmates, would it be possible to add humanoid companions into the game? I'd absolutely love to have a fully customizable Lich/Kingpin accompanying me on regular missions from start to finish. Heck, I've even made the case for Lich companions a while back.
  • Melee 3.0, how is it progressing? Will we be able to dual wield Swords/Daggers/Machetes/Rapiers & secondaries anytime soon? Better yet, how about Gun & Shield? Take Ach & Brunt, sheathe Ach, put a Brakk in the other hand & you'll have Brakk & Brunt, hence Gun & Shield.
  • My last concern is big, bigger than big, enormous. Faction Syndicates. So much needs to be added & changed, hundreds of rewards could be added, additional dialogue could be recorded for missions, the Arbiters & Steel Meridian could finally get their own Warframe quests. So much depends the team's willingness to commit to this fossilized slab of ingame content.
  • I lied...My final concern is Stalker Mode....Where is it?
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Can't forget Stalker Mode
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Will the Riven system recieve a review? Disposition specifically needs better tuning to make new weapons interesting for Rivens at all. 0.50 is unusable in many cases, and having a standardized Disposition would allow developers to really address core mechanical imbalances instead of creating an unhealthy system where the required stats to beat a normal mod becomes extremely strict for 0.50 Disposition weapons. 

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1 hour ago, (XBOX)Halofan105 said:

Is cross save still a possibility in the future?

This has been answered countless times 

If it waste time in the dev stream I'm going to be actually mad. 

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 Octavia Prime trailer... Can DE give frames that don’t have a Ballas narrated  trailer; one of these too? Maybe a retroactive way to introduce one of these types of trailers with future unvaulted frames?  Help push the hype? 

Prime frames missing Ballas narrated trailers-

Excalibur Prime, Loki Prime, Frost Prime, Trinity Prime, Mag Prime, Nyx Prime, Rhino Prime, Ember Prime, Nova Prime, Volt Prime, Ash Prime, Zephyr Prime, Limbo Prime, Atlas Prime, Chroma Prime, Titania Prime, Ivara Prime, Equinox Prime, Wukong Prime? 
and my best girl Mesa Prime? 


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Hey Q&A

1. Are we ever going to get custom primary and secondary weapon positioning like Melee currently has?

2. Can we get the option to add sugatras to primary and secondary weapons?

3. Any update on the Proto weapon skins that we saw a long time ago?

4. Several skins and armor sets have mismatched color channels. Do you guys plan on doing a review for this to at least make the metallic slots consistent or give us the option to color individual armor pieces and helmets separately? Examples:The Gazal, Hulta, Magor and Vatala and Tennocon 2018 and 2019 armor sets,Excalibur Onyx skin, Frost Emperor skin, Ember Vermillion skin.

5. Please let us use Excal Prime's helmet/skin on Excal Umbra.

6. Updates on Melee 3.0/rage mode and duel wielding for one handed melee weapons and one handed secondaries which was implemented for glaives and then seemingly abandoned.

7. Now that we are getting less devstreams, any chance we will get more time devoted to Q&A or an alternate source for it.

8. Can you please stop disabling certain face gear when using certain head gear on operators? From what I have seen people were way less concerned with the clipping than their ability to customize their operators.An additional slot to separate forehead pieces from pieces that cover the mouth would be appreciated too.

9. Any chance we will get the option to swap out exalted weapon models for their standard/prime/umbra/premium skin appearances on variants of the frames.Excalibur can not swap any of his sword skins, including his new premium one and primed frames with exalted weapons can't use their standard skin counterparts.

10. Is the loadout UI going to be overhauled to show everything that should be loadout specific(Archwings, their weapons, archwing guns for ground combat, operator arcanes and amps?

11. Are we ever going to get a focus dump? Once you max the schools there is nothing to do with accumulated focus.

12. Can we get more Loadout and Riven slots or possibly just uncap them and let us buy as many as we want?

13. Now that thrown weapons have a comfortable timed recall, are we ever going to get the Arcata added to PVE?

14. Can we get mod capacity removed while in the simulacrum so we can properly test builds before applying Forma?

15. Now that status immunity has been removed from Liches and Nechromecs, is there an ETA on removing it from other enemy types? Making enemies completely status immune removes a large chunk of the arsenal.

16. There are several items that are still exclusive to the chinese version of Warframe, including the Cadus, a chinese exclusive staff weapon. When can we expect these to be added to the global build?

17. Can Nova Prime's Null Star be made colorable rather then just being gold balls? Also, Resonator is not taking on its prime form when applied to primed frames.

18. Any chance that we will get additional hotkeys on PC? Would be nice to be able to hotkey several orbiter functions like decorating or going to the foundry rather then going through menus.

19. Now that they have been nerfed can we get access to the acolyte mods on Exalted weapons?

20. You recently allowed us to buy up to three additional cosmetic and mod loadouts but it wasn't added to operators. When can we expect them to get that feature as well?

21. The prime trailers had interesting lore bits in them. Can we get their scripts added to the prime warframe's codex entries or even the videos. It would add flavor to their pretty bland text now and bring them in line with other frames that got entries like that like Excal, Rhino, Ember and Mag.

22. Kdrives are a cool toy to play around with for a bit but have no home in the actual game beyond temporary status immunity when eidelon hunting or if you really want to fall out of the Plains map. Are they going to ever get a look to increase their utility? Giving them defensive functions when you are not on them like AOE  buffs or barriers that appear at the location of dismount or even something as simple as being able to fish while on them would go a long way.

23. While we are at it, can we get custom keybinds for kdrives. Several of them are shared with standard keybinds.

24. There are a number of useless mods in the game right now. Things like Warm Coat are basically just clutter in the mod system and rarely get looked at unless they happen to be tied to some sort of major overhaul like the status changes. Is there any plans to do a wider overhaul of the mods that get no usage.Perhaps you could even provide a list of mods to the design council and have them come up with ideas for them, or open that up to the whole community a few mods at a time.

25. Can we get a "Silly Warframe" toggle that will hide holiday items like the new wings, candy cane scythes, easter egg ephemera, etc for players that don't want to see them. Would be a good opportunity to make those items permanent for those that like them too.

26. The heavy attack animation for Exalted Blade is pretty lackluster right now. Any chance it will get a look. At the very least it should get an energy wave like it standard attacks, ideally though it should generate a more impressive wave in terms of power and size,Please let me live my anime dreams


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I have some questions,

  • Will raids come back? If yes, will you change something(drops, mission, etc)
  • Do you have any plans on making the Conclave more fun and enjoyable?
  • Will there be a boss fight in the Cambion Drift?
  • Primed chaber comming back with Baro's offering or it was a one (two) time "event"?
  • Are you planning on making as many corpus lich weapons as kuva weapons?
  • Is there any news about Legendary Rank 1?
  • When can we expect The new war and the Durviri paradox? I hope later this year
  • Any plans on making more use to alliances than just the chat?
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-What's something that update 9.0 (Introduced Nova, Grineer Galleon, Dojo Decoration, Nightmare mode, New Tutorial) helped you learn for the future, and what's something that you know now that you wish you had known then?

-Which in game character would you be most excited to hear sing Karaoke and what song would they sing?

-With the introduction of Lavos being entirely energy free, what can be expected for the future of cooldown/energy mechanics in Warframe and how will it impact frames from the past, if at all?

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2 hours ago, Cradicias said:

So, Chroma's passive got reworked (Yay!) but his Effigy and Breath attacks are still very lackluster. When are we getting a rework to these two powers in his kit?

I still fail to see what part of his passive helps his kit. Then again most frames of his era have passive that affect movement or stuff like that (zephyr, valkyr, nehza to name a few)

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Add me to the chorus of voices waiting to hear more about Archwing updates/modularity/Archmelee. That said...

  • Are there any plans in the works for changes to the Shield mechanics? Shield gating helped a lot, but on some older shield-focused frames (I'm thinking of Mag specifically here) it feels like they've been powercrept a bit, and Shields don't have an Umbral Redirection option or an equivalent to Armor to really reinforce them. I'd love to have an effective build based around shields rather than armor/health but it's just not nearly as efficient.

Thanks for all you do, and looking forward to the stream!

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