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Will the gameplay remain primarily horde-shooter with enemies that move towards you Pacman style or will there be any changes to the AI?  Right now it's like playing the original Doom in a slaughter map + bullet jumping and melee is the BFG.

Can we get XP for opening lockers and resources deposits?

Can we get bonus end-of-mission XP for completing a mission without being seen / without triggering alarms / doing both of those without cloaking?

Can we get optional mission modifiers/mutators (like in Starcraft 2 Coop), for example:  disable crit chance, disable rivens, disable bullet jumping, disable operator spam, disable or limit ammo restores/health restores/shield restores/energy restores.  Each mutator would increase end of mission XP and maybe something extra like every X active mutator unlocks some extra reward.  If the AI will remain brainless horde shooter, having mission mutators would be nice.

Can the starmap highlight what nodes a friend or clanmate is in?

Can we get an enemy capable of wide-area decloaking and/or some kind of new debuff that prevents recloak for X seconds?

Can we get keyboard shortcuts for all menus?

For those of us that play with damage turned off, can all of the weapons that are missing hit effects get hit effects?

Can weapons that are silenced by mods get different sound effects to sound silenced?

Can all of the enemies that are missing sound effects get sound effects? for example Infested Ancient's AoE 

Can we get missions that combine current mission types, for example: stage 1 interception (1 round) to find location of hostage, stage 2 rescue hostage, stage 3 defend hostage.  Essentially, random multi-objective missions.

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