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For Octavia, can we add a feature to switch songs in mission?

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As the title suggests, I think it will make playing Octavia a lot more interesting. Listening to the same song in an endless mission for 30-60 minutes is boring/annoying sometimes. Sure, you can turn the music off, but it really defeats the purpose of this frame.

It can literally just be a [Change Song] blue link and we pull up the saved song menu similar to the one when editing mandachord.

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... If that ever happen to be implemented, and I'm not saying that it shouldn't, I'm going to add a few filters to chat tabs that absolutely have no need for filters...


... But if it ever gets implemented, it has to be regulated by the Allied Mandachord sound volume setting... And, if possible, limited solely to the player that owns it.

If it follows either of those conditions, I'm all up for it...

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Or maybe just setup a mandachord system to play songs back to back? like when one ends it starts the next one you selected and it loops like that? it would make mandachord songs longer and more bearable bcs it would repeat less, imo

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