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"Self Mandachord Volume" option doesn't fully work

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I have "Music Volume" at 0, "Self Mandachord Volume" and "Ally Mandachord Volume" at 100. I don't hear any mandachord sounds in the game. It seems like these settings only help to mute mandachord while keeping BGM, but I want to do the opposite - mute BGM and still hear mandachords.

Octavia is one of my least used frames, because this always has been an issue. I find BGM distracting, so I play without it, but I need to hear the mandachord to use Octavia properly.


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It seems this was an issue way back in March 2017 when Octavia first launched, back before they put in separate sliders for the Mandachord. And for some reason, almost four years later, it's still an issue. For whatever reason, Octavia's Mandachord is tied to the Music slider. I would have thought now was a golden opportunity for DE to address this, since they just dropped the Prime version of the frame. They REALLY need to de-couple the Mandachord from Music and make it its own channel. Like the OP, I turn the Music for most games I play either way down or off completely. No hate for the soundtrack, it's great! But when you play the game for hundreds or thousands of hours, it gets a bit repetitive.

Please...in the name of Lotus and for the love of all things purple...PLEASE de-couple Mandachord's volume control from the Music slider!

cc: @[DE]Rebecca

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