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2 things i would like about octavia prime.

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1, have that power pose at the end of her prime access as an actuall emote.

2. have her strings playable via special animation set for prime veriant (yes yes, play with yourself jokes and g-string jokes, whatever)


i know it probebly should go in feedback, but wondering what others might think on that idea.

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2 things I'd like for Octavia Prime:

1. a full rework of her abilities, so that she isn't just the "egg-timer" frame with zero interactivity. perhaps this rework could also include being able to switch between multiple songs so that fellow players aren't subjected to listening to a trash mixtape for an entire mission.

2. Mandachord improvements to allow for a wider variety of music. sure, some people will still make garbage tunes, but hopefully the rework would change the Mandachord so that DPS isn't dependent on number of notes.

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