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Valkyr needs a little change

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Disclaimer: english is not my first language, some sentences may not be with the best composition.

I have some points with VALKYR that bothers me and I wanted to see if anyone else has them as well. first thing first I realy love her gameplay, but sometimes I feel she is very lackluster compared to new warframes and reworked warframes. Here are them:
1 - with the melee 2.9999999999... Valkyr's Exalted melee is a little bit lackluster in higher levels, it still hasn't received changes in its combo, and it's combo has always bit very poor compared to the slide attack, With the nerf to slide attacks valkyr has been nerfed on it's core ability and focus, as the combo is junky and lackluster overall. CORRECTION: it was a bug on my end, the combo still needs work.
2 - The "get over here" ability altough a very good joke does not compere to most other abilities in other warframes, it is altough a good mobility ability. And it doesn't do what it is supposed to do, the transition from casting the ability to been able to attack the enemy with weapons is to janky and clunky. and it takes to much time to been able to attack. so the come over here in real situations are more like get 30 meters behind me while i move me camera to you and you get up before I can shoot or cut you.
3 - Valkyr third ability has very little use aside from dropping a few enemies realy close in a small cone in front of her, it is basicaly a useless ability. And it deals more damage to her then anything, as it cost 1/3 of her vely small shield to deal no damage on enemies.

1 - Raise the damage on her exalted melee OR rework her combo to something more interesting and fluid. CORRECTION: the damage isn't lower now it was a bug on my end, but the combo of her talon still needs work

2 - Change its ability altogether OR make the transition from using her ability to melee attacks faster and more fluid so it combos better

3 - Change the ability altogether. It's mechanics are to clunky in the game now, the finishes it provides are nice but very lackluster in comparison with others warframe's abilities

Any coment from other people experiences will be nice. and I would love if someone from DE read this.

Edit 1: I discovered a bug on my valkyr talons that made it deal 1/3 of the damage, when upgraded a mod it didn't auto take it out and my damage was 5,830 on that build. when i messed with the mods it correted it and now my damage is back to normal. The slide damage still as high as I remembered.

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it used to do more damage, it true is fine now, but to a single target damage warframe as she is, fine damage is lackluster compared to other warframes like ember and saryn capable of causing twice the damage she does on multiple enemies on a flick of a finger

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One reason why valkyr exalted blades doing so low damage is., those doesnt share combo multiplier With other melee weaapons. Valkyrs exalted blades starting 0 multiplier even when we have regular melee multiplier 12.

Then if we get compo multi plier ~12 with exalted blades,, then hysteria starting to cost so much energy which forcing us to which back to regular melee weapon. 

Shared combo multi plier with exalted and regular melee correct that damage issue, what we have currently.


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Also, compared to other melee, her talons have incredibly low status, making them unviable for use with Condition Overload (using a high status weapon like Nukor or Cedo can sort of alleviate this), and inability to equip acolyte mods like Weeping Wounds and Blood Rush. High crit lets them easily one shot most enemies short of the steel path. The energy cost does make it hard to build combo, but that's due to the built in invulnerability that Hysteria provides, along with the life steal. 

Really what Valkyr needs is a rework for her Ripline and Paralysis, both being relatively worthless skills. Ripline, if you weren't disconnected from the line mid swing, could be a fun mobility skill. Or an augment that worked like Ash's Fatal Teleport could be cool, yank an enemy over and perform a boosted finisher.

For Paralysis, using the frame's already low shields, just doesn't work very well, and ends up being a weak stagger later on. Changing this to not require/consume shields, and work as a stun by default would improve it's usefulness.

As for the Talons, an improved combo to provide better forward movement/momentum would be great, and maybe a few % higher status, maybe to like 15% or so, could help make use of the ever so powerful Condition Overload.

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