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Network not responding from time to time after Octavie Prime Update

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After the Octavia Update I'm having from time to time the "Network not responding" thing on my screen. My ISP is doing fine, I can still listen to my friends on PSN Party chat but in-game the network keeps happening this and disconnecting me sometimes. Yesterday even after I finish the mastery test and completed, It happened the "Network not responding" and pushed me back to the orbiter and I now have to wait for 24 hours to retry. It never was like this, I assume it was like this because of Octavia update and servers overloading but It's on a terrible point at the moment. How do I fixed it? Is there a fix? Is anyone having this issue too?

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I’ve been experiencing this since the Orphix update, NNR constantly and each time testing network connection all systems good, been quite frustrating, been playing this game for many moons now and never had this experience before the update

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