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Subsumed Resonator needs music customization

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Look, I know somebody's gonna say "Rook, you can't customize Resonator on another warframe because only Octavia has a MAANDACHOORD!!"

Well listen here. My helminth ate Octavia AND her mandachord, and I don't wanna listen to the terrible honking noise of the default Adau Instruments Pack song. I wanna make phat bass lines specifically for the solo resonator. 

Please and thank you.

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On 2021-03-01 at 6:56 PM, (PSN)RookTheKnight said:

I'd rather be able to customize it. I already have the option to mute mandachord.

this, they should let you customize mandachord in the orbiters radio cosmetic thats in your room ( the one that lets you play stage music in the orbiter ). that way it becomes separate from the warframe and as such allows other warframes to use it . 

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We really need this, I agree. Just put resonator on a frame, took it on a run and realized I'm listening to elevator music 2.0... Seriously, please add a customization menu.

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Ive just got the resonator to have something on my main Warframe for defense and i was instandly annoyed by that sound. DE pls make this come true

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