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Anomaly Shards need the Vitus/Steel Essence Shop Treatment

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i actually agree on this, that would give them railjack even in its current state significant playability. Although i just hope they don't add decorations.

Cosmetics & decorations ≠ Content.

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Sure, why not? Tbh, haven't even bothered with that part of her inv since getting the Tenebrous ephemera despite planning to eventually nab the captura scenes. Def needs more of an incentive/reason behind it. Kind of a waste of a "store" as it currently stands.

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My hearty +1 to this, after getting the 15 shards to get Tenebrous Ephemera I just kinda went ehhhhh what next...

Don't get me wrong I love running Murex anomalies, having that bad@zz tileset and higher-level Sentient foes to beat up is great fun. Just leaves me wondering what to do with all these shards besides maybe a nice necklace for Khora.

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