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Octavia’s Fandom Contest [Winners Announced]!


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Soooo rlly felt like entering this contest too :ddd

Short lil description of the title:

When Lua dawns on the Plains of Eidolon a beat can be heard from the many caves beneath the Plains of Eidolon... what could it be? An influence from Lua perhaps??? 

In all seriousness hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed making it and am looking forward to watching through all the other amazing replies on this thread! 

(Also make sure to watch in 4k for that cripsy crispy quality)


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I hope you like this Octavia's story.

Thank you Joey Zero for making a good song!


I've heard this song hundreds of times. Never get tired of!

It took 3 days to figure out the plot.

I also farmed Octavia prime and her weapons at the same time, it took 5 days...  phew.


I had to proceed several quests again for clips.

For some cut scene(Heart of Deimos), I created a new account and bought Octavia by plat!!

Anyway, It was completed an hour before the deadline.

(there are still 70GBs of clip left on my computer... I have to put away)


It was fun to participate in such an opportunity!

Good luck everyone!

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I don't think I can compete.

Please do more video editing contests though. I wanted to do so much more but sadly I had about 4 days due to a series of unfortunate events, and pulled 2 all nighters just for this. XD I had to totally cut the fight scene of Corpus invading Fortuna D:


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We had so much fun reviewing your submissions! These videos brought everything from hype to humor. Thank you to all who participated and celebrated the maestro Warframe!

You can watch the full winner reveal on Home Time #46

Official Winner List:


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