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2 Bugs: Operator Void Dash Malfunction and Stagger During Wisp Breach Surge Animation

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When the orphix venom update dropped there was a bug malfunction that causes my operator to be caught between dashes, where the operator sort of is in an animation where he is trying to move forward but can't. So essentially he looks like he is trying to push forward into another void dash but is stuck mid air curled up to push forward and  he does this repeatedly until he hits an obstacle or you move the directional stick to turn him but he is still stuck in that forward moving dash animation and nothing you did fixed it; until you die maybe cuz apparently if you get knocked back into your Warframe he comes back out in the same stuck forward moving animation. For the most part during the event I thought it was fixed,  though it occasionally still happened.  It is still happening to me in regular missions now coupled with the fact that when I go into my Warframe I am stuck and can't get back out. I receive the message in the bottom right beneath my energy bar that the ability is in use when obviously the operator transference is not a cool down ability nor is it in current use. Please look into this. Thanks. Next Whenever I use the zakti prime to inflict status effects on enemies and cast breach surge with wisp within the knock back radius of the embedded delay of the zakti prime I still experience a knock back though I have prime sure-footed equipped which normally completely nullifies knock backs. Please look into this. Thank you. Regards


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