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Suggestion for Recruitment chat

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Is it possible to add a link called :join: to the chat commands in the Recruit chat. 
So people can just click the link instead of needing an invitation.

Example:  H [Axi B2 Relic] Rad 2/4 :join:
Result: H [Axi B2 Relic] Rad 2/4 Join

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That would really make things much easier. The link should just have an expiration timer, like for example, 120 seconds. That's to avoid people clicking our :join: link after we have already done the mission and back to the orbiter (it's usual to very see old messages on Recruiting Chat if you just get back to your orbiter because the Chat just picks up where you left at the start of your last mission, and display the old messages that are still there, and as far as I remember Chat Timestamps aren't toggled on by default for some reason).

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we could go one step further, and make it similar to those discord bots, you don't see peoples texts, what you will see is all the currently recruiting squads and what they want.

this way you wont need to say the same thing over and over as much, you could simply press the "refresh timer" or something like that every few minutes.


i guess this could get a good UI as well if they really wanted to make it easy.

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