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Laomedeia (Neptune) Disruption not supplying end of rotation credit rewards

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I had 9,153 credits before I started a Disruption mission on Laomedeia (Neptune).  I completed one rotation (4 conduits/terminals) and extracted, and the end-of-mission screen shows I should've received 22,494 + 12,848 + 10,000 (x3) credits, which would be 65,342 credits.  Instead I received 35,342, which is the sum of 22,494 + 12,848, as seen in my credit total of 44,495.  Either that credit total of 65,342 is being calculated wrong, or it's not being added to my account properly.  One is a math error, the other is an account issue.

This happened on Feb 27, 2021 at 12:27 PM EST.  Warframe version 29.9.1.


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Me and my buddy had the same issue. We would do 4 rotations which, with a credit booster, would fetch us almost 500k. By the end of the match, all of the credits from the caches would not be delivered. It seems like the credit caches are being shown but not given to us.

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