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Octavia Prime + Tennogen skin = No Prime Resonator


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Hello development team,


Recently I acquired Octavia Prime and have been levelling her and because I have the Octavia Diva skin, I equipped it and enabled Prime details. While levelling I couldn't help but notice that when having this skin equipped with prime details the 'Prime' Resonator isn't Prime anymore. Instead it's the default non-Prime Resonator. Is this supposed to be the case?
I don't recall having Oberon Prime with a Tennogen skin have his 4's plants become non-Prime.




I hope this will be fixed as I was hoping to see the Primed Resonator.
Thank you for reading!

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It's weird because there are warframes that keep their prime skills when tennogen is equipped: Atlas keeps his prime rumblers, Titania keeps her energetic wings while being in the ultimate, Mirage keeps her prism, Ivara - invisibility and etc

I wish there was some consistency because I would love to see prime resonator on Octavia with tennogen and also other prime warframes

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