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Don't allow passengers to drydock

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Its been like this since the beginning, because this is how railjack was originally.

Unfortunately, there are still far too many people who still assume that they must drydock in order to save progress.

I still constantly, constantly, constantly see people either request that I drydock, or just do it without even asking while Im in the middle of forging.


DE I think its time to admit defeat in hoping that people learn that they can just leave. Nobody reads the patch notes. And its far too much work for people experienced in railjack to educate every single one of your customers that you don't have to drydock anymore.


So I am requesting that passengers no longer be allowed to drydock. Instead, when passengers open up the dojo in navigation, that instead it just present them with a button that says;

"[Exit Railjack (Your progress will be saved)]"

But please DON'T allow them to Drydock the whole crew! This is annoying! My clan's Dojo takes forever to load, and most people want to continue with mission.

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