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OK so I'm just brainstorming here, who would like to see an endless mode that allows for a challenge and different rewards?

I have come up with some sort of solution I have asked a few big content creators on this idea and they have all insisted that could make farming more fun and unpredictable. 

So like I said the mode would be endless and the missions that would take place could be any mission in the game, railjack open world and archwing can also be included as this is for experienced players mostly. The tenno can choose their own path/mission and depending on the mission they choose out of the 3 the levels go up by 10,20 or 30. So easy, medium and hard. (I will leave the types people find easiest to hardest up to a poll of some sort) also modifiers like the sort could be added at a high level.

The hard the mission the better rewards however easy, medium and hard dont have the same loot pool it all rotates per mission that way you will eventually have to play a hard mission to get the reward you want. The rewards could be most formas, prime parts, cosmetics, kuva, radiant relics, legendary core.(If you have any more ideas on rewards please add on) 

However to take part in these trials you must have a minimum of 10k endo participate. Endo has been a useless resource for high level players its not time we use it. 

I was thinking that the way the missions would also load would be like eso portal or like the portal from void to earth, except you can go where ever the next mission is. So after you complete a mission you can either stay or leave and the portal could appear when you decide to stay. 

This was just a quick idea I come up with please let me know what you guys think. I'm not trying to change warframe I'm just trying to make it better <3.


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